“Is this a team?”‘ Shocking defeat against Newcastle Pochettino’s anger explodes…”Worst game of the season”

Even though he caught Tottenham Hotspur and drew with Manchester City, he is still in 10th place. Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino poured his anger into the crushing defeat against Newcastle.

Chelsea lost 1-4 in the 13th round of the 2023/24 Premier League away match against Newcastle United at St. James’ Park in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, on the 26th (Korea time).

Chelsea, which allowed Aleksander Isaac to score the first goal in the 13th minute of the first half, balanced it with Raheem Sterling’s equalizer 10 minutes later, but it collapsed when it got two goals in the 15th and 16th minutes of the second half. Chelsea, which had the bad news of Reece James being sent off at a time when the pursuit was urgent, lost to Anthony Gordon in the 38th minute of the second half by a three-goal gap. 토토사이트

Newcastle, which caught Chelsea, had seven wins, two draws and four losses, and 23 points, rising to sixth place over Manchester United and Brighton. Chelsea, on the other hand, finished 10th with four wins, four draws and five losses and 16 points. Despite beating Tottenham 4-1 this month and a 4-4 draw with Manchester City, he is unable to get out of his slump at the beginning of the season.

After the game, Pochettino criticized Newcastle for the worst game of the season. According to global sports media The Athletic, Pochettino said, “This was not the best game we could play. “I want to say that it was probably the worst game of the season,” he said, expressing anger, “Neither team was at the highest level, but I can never complain about the result.”

Pochettino said, “I didn’t read the game from the beginning. Didn’t play the way we should or the way we expected. It’s very disappointing. “I’m disappointed because it was a lack of intensity,” he said, adding, “It wasn’t the performance we needed.” It was too easy for Newcastle to give them a chance. “I’m so disappointed and frustrated with not only the result but also the performance,” he said, explaining that he didn’t like the overall performance.

“Today’s game could have been much better, but I’m very disappointed that it was the worst game of the season,” Pochettino sighed, adding, “We have to learn from the defeat. There is a certain level required of a team called Chelsea. It is important to get back to that level as soon as possible. Defeat like today may be needed to realize what is needed. It is a team with many young and talented players, but you have to have a competitive attitude every time you take the field. “This is the basics and what we need to learn,” he said, vowing to take this game as a lesson and bring good results in the next face-off against Brighton.

Pochettino, who took over as Chelsea manager this season, struggled from the beginning of the season and has not easily escaped his slump. In the second round of the league, they suffered a crushing 1-3 defeat against West Ham, who were sent off by one man, and in the fourth round they were beaten by Nottingham Forest, who barely escaped relegation last season.

Chelsea, which had been winless for three consecutive games due to a draw against Bournemouth and a defeat against Aston Villa, changed the mood by catching Fulham and Burnley in succession, and continued the trend with a draw with Arsenal. Although he was hampered by Brentford again, he raised the mood again by winning a 4-1 away victory against Tottenham, which was unbeaten in the season.

Tottenham, which was unbeaten in 10 consecutive league games with 8 wins and 2 draws at the time, was also strong against the strong team with 2 wins and 1 draw against Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. It was also expected to be a difficult game for Chelsea because it was a showdown at Tottenham’s home, but the game was completely under Chelsea’s leadership.

After Tottenham defenders Christian Romero and Destiny Udogi were sent off, Mickey Panderpen and James Maddison were injured, Chelsea had an advantage. Chelsea won the away game with Nicola Jackson’s hat-trick.

In the subsequent match against Manchester City, there was a slugfest in which eight goals were scored by both teams. Chelsea drew 4-4 after a series of reversals with Manchester City. In the second half of extra time, Manchester City’s Cole Palmer made a great game when he scored a theater penalty goal.

Chelsea, who caught Tottenham and showed a performance that did not back down even against Manchester City, was expected to overcome their initial slump and gradually rise to the ranking competition. However, he is still in 10th place, kneeling again in Newcastle’s away game.

The future schedule is also bumpy. In the next round, he will bring home the sensational team Brighton and leave Manchester United on the road after Brighton. Attention is focused on the future game whether Pochettino’s anger will awaken the spirit of Chelsea players.

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