5 on base + 4 points plus 2 good defense…Choi Jung-won’s Presence Shines in Public and Water, Leads NC’s Second Winning Series

He is a player who is passionate about baseball.” NC Dinos coach Kang In-kwon, whom I met recently, gave the above assessment of Choi. Choi also elevated his position by showing his presence in the game on Tuesday.

NC, led by coach Kang, beat coach Lee Kang-chul’s KT Wiz 8-7 after a close game in overtime at the 2024 professional baseball KBO League regular season home game held at Changwon NC Park on the 11th. NC, which won two consecutive games and decorated three consecutive games during the week with a winning series, recorded 11 wins and five losses, ranking second, half a game behind the KIA Tigers (11 wins and four losses). Choi Jung-won, who started as the second batter and center fielder, played a brilliant game. He helped NC win by showing good performance in both ball and number.

Choi, who contributed to NC’s first run by sending Park Min-woo to the third base by hitting a grounder to the first base in the bottom of the first inning with no outs and runners on the second base, successfully got on base for the first time in the bottom of the third inning when the two teams were tying 1-1. He got a hit ball from opponent team starter Lee Sun-woo in the absence of a runner with one out. Soon after, he stole second base and made a home run due to Son Ah-seop’s timely hit to the left-center wall.

His first hit came in the bottom of the fifth inning. Choi, who entered the batter’s box for the third time with one out and no runner at the batter’s box, hit a changeup of 130 kilometers off the fifth pitch by Kim Min-soo, a right-handed pitcher of the bullpen, to hit a hit to the left field. Unfortunately, he failed to score a point due to failure of follow-up hits this time.

Even in the bottom of the seventh inning when NC was trailing 3-6, Choi successfully got on base and laid a foundation for three runs. He started as a leadoff hitter and walked, and Kwon Hee-dong’s timely double to left-handed hit drove home. Afterwards, he got a hit on the ball even in the bottom of the eighth inning when NC gave up the lead 6-7, before Son A-seop’s hit and Kwon Hee-dong’s sacrifice fly to left field.

Choi’s presence was significant until the end of the game. He took the lead as a batter in the bottom of the 10th inning with 7-7 score continuing, and hit a 146km fastball with four pitches by KT’s right-handed bullpen Park Si-young to produce a hit to the left-handed game. He then settled at the second base thanks to a sacrifice bunt by Chun, and became the man who scored the finishing run as fast as Kwon Hee-dong’s hit to the left-center wall. His final batting performance was two hits from three times at bat, three walks and four runs. He got on base five times, and scored four times among them, playing the role of spearhead of NC’s offense.

In addition, Choi displayed stable defense on the day, lightening pitchers’ shoulders. The highlight of the game was the situation with runners on the second and third bases with one out in the top of the fifth inning when NC was leading 3-2. Taking the batter’s box, Kang hit a long hit that flew towards the left-center wall against NC’s starting pitcher Shin Min-hyuk.

However, NC had Choi Jeong-won. He hesitated at first, but immediately sprinted and caught the ball with a picturesque sliding catch. Although he failed to block the third baseman from scoring, it was the moment that completely stopped the flow of the game from being passed to KT. In addition, in the top of the ninth inning, Park Byung-ho, the first batter, made a tricky hit into an ordinary fly to center field.

Choi Jung-won, who was nominated by NC with 67 times overall in the second 7th round in 2019, is a right-handed, left-handed utility resource that boasts fast feet. In high school, he was evaluated as talented in batting to the point where he received the Lee Young-min batting award. However, he proved to be a professional. He had a batting average of 0.278 (84 hits in 302 times at bat) with 15 RBIs and 18 steals in 160 games until last year, but failed to secure a clear position. 경마

Things have changed this year. Choi, who successfully made the opening entry, is getting more opportunities to participate. In addition, he is showing the determination to the extent that his uniform is covered with dirt, and is gradually raising his position by playing the role of “Alto.”

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