I don’t want to leave Tottenham…Barcelona courtship also ‘residual resolution’

Fernando Polo, a reporter for Spanish media Mundo Deportivo, said on the 28th (Korea Standard Time), “Roselso’s thoughts are clear. He wants to succeed at Tottenham. For this reason, he has no intention of leaving Tottenham this winter,” he reported.

Lo Celso, who returned to Tottenham after completing his Villarreal loan last season, was expected to be the “Hwangja” of coach Enzi Postecoglou (58, Australia) this season. During the pre-season, he impressed manager Postecoglou by raising his physical condition. Not only the score, but also the connection play with his teammates was a passing point. 온라인카지노

However, entering the season, Lo Celso’s position is unstable. With James Medicine (26) in the same position playing so well, there is no time for Rossellso to play. On top of that, he played only the first half of the English Football League (EFL) Carabao Cup match against Fulham due to a muscle injury.

After an unexpected season, it was reported that Lo Celso could leave for Barcelona through the upcoming winter transfer market, but reporter Polo denied it. “Coach Postecoglou has already made it clear that he does not want Lo Celso to leave,” Polo said. “I expect him to play an important role in the team when he recovers from his injury,” he said.

“Roselso is regretful that he has not established himself, so he intends to remain in the Premier League. “I’m being helped by his friend and teammate Christian Romero, 25, at Tottenham,” he added.

Lo Celso has recently been rumored to move to Barcelona, but it is expected to calm down for the time being. Barcelona has been watching Rossellso since last summer to instill a lack of creativity in the midfield. Coach Chavi Hernandez (43, Spain) expected that Lo Celso’s performance in Real Betis and Villarreal could also be played in Barcelona.

However, Tottenham did not put Rossellso on the release list last summer, and the player himself had no intention of leaving. Barcelona is expected to have to wait longer as Rocelso chooses to compete in the upcoming winter.

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