“3rd time to return to LG”, Why did Cha Myung-seok choose Seo Yong-bin as the second-tier coach

LG, which won the Korean Series title for the first time in 29 years, has had some off-season coaching staff shift, and Seo will take the post of second-tier manager next season. This is his third return to LG as a leader. “I think he will do well because he failed once here,” LG’s general manager Cha Myung-seok said about recruiting Seo as second-tier manager.

“Looking for a coach is a star in the sky these days,” said Cha Myung-seok, head of the team. “I think we need to select a very good leader. Many people ask about Seo Yong-bin, the second-tier coach, and I thought I could do well because I failed here once as a coach.” Seo Yong-bin, the second-tier coach, was evaluated as not having good results as a coach when he was LG in the past.

“I’m not just saying I’m going to do well vaguely, but I’ve seen my moves since coach Seo Yong-bin quit here,” Cha said. “I went to graduate school (abandoned from LG) to learn a lot of athletic mechanics, commentary, and then went to KT’s second-tier coach to play a role.”

“In fact, he told KT coach Lee Kang-chul that he wanted to take coach Seo Yong-bin, so he said he wouldn’t send it unless it was LG. I’m sending it because it’s my hometown team, and other teams also asked, but they didn’t send it,” he said.

KT’s second division coach Kim Ki-tae voluntarily resigned after the season ended. KT planned to appoint Seo Yong-bin, an experienced second division coach, again. At the request of Cha Myung-seok, Seo Yong-bin left KT and returned to LG.

Seo, who retired from active duty in 2006, has since received training as a coach for the Junichi Dragons in the Japanese pro baseball league. He started his front career as an LG scout in 2008 and became a leader as a batting coach for the Yookyang Army in the middle of that year. 메이저 토토사이트

In 2010 and 2011, he led his players as a batting coach for the first team. In 2012, he moved to the second team as a batting coach, and in 2013, he served as a batting assistant coach for the first team. After the 2013 season ended, he quit as a coach and went back to train as a coach for the Junichi Dragons in Japan.

After a year of training in Chunichi, he returned to LG in 2015 as the general coach of the Yookyang Army. During the season, the position of the first-team batting coach was transferred. He served as the first-team batting coach until 2017, and resigned after the season.

After leaving the field, he studied for a master’s degree at Korea National Sports University and has been a commentator since 2018. After serving as a commentator, he was appointed as KT’s second division coach ahead of the 2021 season. He served as a second division coach for two years, and this year, he served as a second division head coach.

After experiencing as a second-tier manager at KT, he returned to his former team LG to take charge of fostering the second-tier team. “Coach Lee Kang-chul is going to LG, so we thought he should let him go. That’s how we brought him,” Cha Myung-seok, the team’s general manager, said. “We have seen how Seo Yong-bin, the second-tier coach, approaches players and trains them.”

He also explained, “The reason for bringing back second-tier coach Seo Yong-bin is how much loyalty the leader has to the team, and if the general manager and the team leader of the second division discuss the rest and set the direction together, Seo Yong-bin could do well with the coaching staff.”

Cha said, “I have a lot of concerns, but I don’t know that. We believe that we can do well enough, and we made the choice. We will continue to move to a system that can produce results in fostering the second tier next year, so please keep an eye on us.”

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