NJ Sports Betting Supporters Hope After U.S. Supreme Court Hearing

Let me begin my guess.

This morning, nine U.S. Supreme Court justices heard verbal arguments about whether or not New Jersey should be allowed to legalize sports betting. But the decision may not come down until June 2018, meaning any prediction of what will be decided for now is pure speculation, while feeling that today’s immediate thinking by those in attendance was a very good day for sports betting supporters.

Christie’s vs. National College Athletic Association plays outgoing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie around the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) against the NCAA and the four major professional sports leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball), but it can very easily open the way for other U.S. states to quickly start offering regulated sports betting.

Christie’s and Garden State have missed all measures since their first attempt in 2012 to authorize the Sports Betting Act, which challenges PASPA, which bans sports betting. PASPA bans sports betting, which allows four states to become grandfathers and now offer sports betting.

But with the Supreme Court’s unusual approval of an appeal in June and taking today’s pivotal hearing to court, the move to legalize sports betting has literally become a lifeline. 온라인카지노

Today’s hearing lasted about an hour and ended just after 11 a.m. ET. Within minutes, many of the room’s game law experts who have been closely tracking the case took to Twitter to explain what they felt was overwhelmingly a good day for Christie’s side.

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