Coach Gangwon was also surprised by Suwon Samsung’s relegation to the second division, “The fall of an unfortunate leading club.”

Chung Kyung-ho, the head coach of Gangwon FC, also expressed surprise at Suwon Samsung’s relegation to the second division (K League 2).

Gangwon, which narrowly avoided direct relegation, could fall to the second division depending on the results of the promotion playoffs, and coach Chung expressed confidence, saying, “We will be a better team because Gangwon’s own color is being taken.”

Gangwon drew 0-0 in an away match against Suwon Samsung in the final 38th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 2nd.

Suwon, which tied at the home turf on the day, was the lowest among the 12 teams with eight wins, nine draws and 21 losses (33 points). Gangwon ranked 10th with 34 points, and will play a playoff against the winner of the K-League 2 playoffs (Gyeongnam-Gimpo). 안전놀이터

Coach Jung Kyung-ho led the team instead as Gangwon coach Yoon Jung-hwan sat on the bench due to accumulated warnings and led the team to a valuable draw.

After the game, coach Chung Kyung-ho said, “We were able to play as we prepared,” expressing satisfaction, “Suwon played defensive soccer at home and we were able to own a lot of balls.”

Gangwon, which could have avoided direct relegation even by tying, rather took the lead in attacking soccer until the middle of the second half against Suwon. On the other hand, Suwon left a deep regret as it played on the defensive in the final match, which desperately needed victory.

“Honestly, I expected Suwon to play defensively,” coach Chung said. “There was no more difficult situation than I thought. If the home team was more aggressive, it would have been more difficult for us.”

Later, when asked by reporters whether he had ever considered Suwon Samsung’s demotion, coach Chung firmly said, “Never.”

“I survived last year’s promotion and playoff, and I thought Suwon would go further and establish itself as a leading club, but I think there were a number of problems this year as well. It’s a pity that Suwon has fallen, even considering the popularity of the K-League,” he said.

“As a K-League leader and fan, I feel sorry for them. I hope Suwon fans will cheer for me and fill the stadium in the last game. It’s a pity that the leading club failed to join,” he added.

“When I saw the fans silent after the game, I could realize (Suwon’s relegation),” senior coach Chung said carefully, “There was a player who collapsed on the field and cried, and the time of silence is preparing for the present in Suwon.”

Gangwon Province has yet to confirm its remaining status. The team will engage in a battle for survival again through a playoff.

“Under coach Yoon Jung-hwan, the team is growing and developing further,” coach Chung said. “Gangwon has its own color. It has the capabilities of its players, and Gangwon will become a better team.”

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