Federal states can grant exclusive rights

Each federal state can also grant exclusive rights. However, this will have to be a government provider. Then you have the sole right to provide an online casino. Of course, roulette and other casino games can also be found at this casino. Sports betting and slots can also be offered. However, questions always arise about how broad the proposal is. When multiple providers are implemented, the proposal usually increases.

But that doesn’t mean different manufacturers have different slots. It also means that different online casinos offer different bonuses and promotions. This also means that every player finds the right option for them. This will not always be the case with state-owned service providers, so many players may go back to illegal service providers. But this is the intent of the new German state gambling treaty.

How do other federal states react?
It appears that all federal states have yet to make a decision or have yet to be announced. You can only see how they behave in a few federal states. Thuringia chose state monopoly. Although the country has not yet issued a license, it is becoming clear that the option can go back to lottery companies. 경마사이트

North Rhine-Westphalia, on the other hand, chose several licenses. It was announced in February. Five licenses will be issued for this country. North Rhine Westphalia has consciously decided on several licenses to allow it to offer a variety of games. This is the only way state treaty obligations on gambling can be implemented. That’s why North Rhine-Westphalia will also have roulette and baccarat. In order for a license to be issued in the federal state, the state must make its own law. The Government as a whole are not always happy with this. Opponents often criticize that sufficient attention is not given to protecting players.

However, the method of operation is that federal state law must also comply with the provisions of the German-led Treaty, and only the type of enforcement is left to the federal state. This means that gambling providers must comply with all the rules on player protection contained in the Leading Park Treaty, so no opponents should fear that the level of player protection is not high enough.

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