Illegal fun games

All countries in Europe and outside of Europe are doing everything possible to make gambling fans feel safe. For this reason, the current gambling law is constantly being revised. In some countries, such as Germany, it is common for federal states to allow their own regulations to be issued. North Rhine-Westphalia State started fighting illegal gambling and fun gaming consoles years ago, both of which it believes are problematic.

North Rhine-Westphalia sees interesting game consoles as a big problem. Slot machines not allowed in Germany. Nevertheless, they are becoming more common in many public places. These things, such as restaurants and clubhouses, are freely accessible. Some fun game consoles are also located in licensed arcades. They stand next to regulated game consoles and give the impression that they are also legal. 바카라

But what is a fun game slot machine? These kinds of game devices are usually produced overseas. They often come from China and Eastern Europe and can be bought for less than 2,000 euros. Given that these slot machines generate much higher revenue for operators than legitimate machines, the purchase price is quickly amortized. However, these machines pose a very high risk to players.

Fun Game Slot Machines promise a high victory, they are given in cash or prizes, not cash. The issue here is equity. This is not limited to small amounts. Rather, for example, 300 euros can be used in seconds. Anyone betting such a large amount hopes for a big win. But this doesn’t usually happen. Therefore, these slot machines have a very high risk of developing gambling addiction.

That’s why these machines have been banned in Germany since 2008. In 2008, the ban was implemented because there were about 120,000 machines across Germany. Nevertheless, according to a public report, it has been noted over the past two years that these machines are being reinstalled on an increasing basis. The current survey of various facilities revealed that illegal gambling machines were located in 44.5 percent of the facilities surveyed. In addition, approximately one in three devices does not have a license. These numbers are one reason why raids are increasingly taking place in North Rhine-Westphalia and Hamburg.

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