Munich Neuer, another injury nightmare after fracturing his leg

Munich Loses No. 1 Goalkeeper’ Neuer, Germany’s National Team OUT due to ruptured adductor muscle during training

Bayern Munich ‘Number 1’ goalkeeper Manuel Neuer (37) has been injured.

The German Football Association (DFB) said on its official website on the 21st (Korea time) that Neuer was injured and could not play in two consecutive A matches in March. “I ruptured my left adductor muscle during morning training.”

The German soccer team will have friendly matches with France on June 24 and the Netherlands on June 27. However, the team will play without No. 1 goalkeeper Neuer. Instead, Marc-Andre ter Stegen of Barcelona and Bernd Leno of Fulham will likely keep Germany’s goal.

Not only the German national team, but also Bayern Munich, his team, sighed. Recently, Neuer, the main goalkeeper, has also left the team, following Harry Kane, the main gunner, and Rafael Geheiro. Moreover, Neuer’s return to the team after a one-year absence from long-term injury early this season is all the more worrisome.

Neuer is said to have opened a new chapter for the goalkeeper in 토토사이트 modern soccer. He is a goalkeeper because he not only has the necessary defense capabilities but also the ability to play underfoot and build up based on passes. Since Neuer was called the “textbook” of modern goalkeepers, some goalkeepers are playing similarly to Neuer, but no other “swiper keeper” is as perfect as Neuer.

Neuer to lead Bundesliga championship for 11 consecutive years

He has made history by playing for 13 seasons with Munich since 2011. He has led the team to win the Bundesliga for 11 consecutive years and has lifted the UEFA Champions League (UCL) trophy twice.

Neuer made his comeback in October last year for the first time in about a year against Darmstadt in the ninth round of the Bundesliga. He suffered a major injury in December 2022 when he broke his right leg while skiing. It was a bolt from the blue in the middle of the season. It was a serious injury that could have ended the player’s life if first aid had not been taken.

“Without the quick surgery in Murnau, near Munich, Neuer might not have been able to play anymore,” German Bild said last year. “He was immediately taken to the hospital by hanging on to a cable winch from a helicopter. He underwent surgery to put an iron core in his leg. Since then, the injured area has recurred several times, and he spent rehabilitation time like a roller coaster.”

My heart aches for the fact that this season is over

On his SNS account at the time, Neuer said, “I broke my leg while skiing to cool off. The surgery went well. I am grateful to the medical staff. However, my heart aches for the fact that this season is over.” Neuer posted a picture of himself in a cast on his leg and gave a thumbs up immediately after the surgery, vowing to return to the game.

Neuer, who worked hard on his recovery, underwent surgery to remove the core of his right calf in August last year. He returned to the training site after just three weeks and underwent normal training, which surprised him. “I’m back at work,” Neuer said on his social media at the time.

Jan Zommer kept the goal while Neuer was away last season. As soon as Neuer was injured, Zommer was hastily brought in from Borussia Mönchengladbach. Zommer played in 25 official matches during the 2022-2023 season, minimizing his absence. However, fans missed the original “number 1” because Zommer was not a good-looking goalkeeper like Neuer, and Neuer was like a symbol of Munich. As Zommer himself knew that there was a high possibility that he would be pushed back as a backup goalkeeper when Neuer returned, he left Munich for Inter Milan last summer after one season. Sven Ulrich was pushed back to the second option when Neuer returned this season.

I’m happy to play soccer again!

“It was a serious injury. I’m happy to play soccer again,” Neuer told Bild soon after his return. “I really want to talk about this. I was seriously injured, and all my time from now on is like a new life,” Neuer said. “Of course, I am not in perfect physical condition yet. After the game, management has become important. I have been taking care of myself by talking to my doctor about minor issues. I have been coping with stress well so far. I will continue to deal with it like this.”

When asked if he would like to ski again, Neuer declined to give an immediate answer. Instead, he changed his mind saying that he is riding a bicycle. “Exercise such as cycling is good during rehabilitation. It is very helpful for leg blood circulation. The swelling goes down easily,” Neuer said. “I think cycling is good not only for my body but also for peace of mind.”

Meanwhile, Neuer’s return is said to have given great stability to Munich’s central defender Kim Min-jae. This season, Kim often made several pass mistakes and mistakes due to forward pressure from his opponents. However, if Neuer, who has good footwork and passes, stands behind him, his burden on the build-up will be reduced. In addition, as Neuer is the best defense player in Bundesliga history, Kim’s burden on defense has been eased. Since his return, Neuer has played in 18 league matches and recorded six clean-up matches.

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