We still need traces of words

During the meeting, the committee also heard from a representative of Running Aces, one of two tracks in the state. CFO Tracy Wilson testified that the track would be “severely damaged by unjust amendments” and that horse racing would be “disappeared by this law that picks winners and losers.” 파친코

Andy Plateau, executive director of the Minnesota Indian Game Association (MIGA), said the tribe continues to “evaluate” the bill and that some policy changes are “a concern for tribal leaders.” Nevertheless, he offered MIGA support to advance a legal Minnesota sports betting bill. The 11 tribes in Minnesota are part of the association that has historically not supported any legislation that would include tracks.

Stevenson told the Star Tribune that he has been working with ACM and tribes for several years and that the current deal is a deal “both sides can live with.”

The bill going through the Senate has already been amended to raise the tax rate to 20% and eliminate in-game betting. The Senate bill does not include tracks. It also does not include the latest pull-tap agreement brokered by Stevenson.

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