State of the Union: Look at the week in North America

Donald Trump Jr. is the latest to raise the issue of the Alabama Legislature’s legal reinstatement. The Alabama House of Representatives passed the repealed gambling expansion bill Tuesday (April 30), but the Senate did not after bill sponsor and conference member Greg Albrighton voted against the final draft.

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians in Albrighton’s district will relinquish sovereignty and the opportunity for a fourth casino. “We’ve become the state government’s position, so there’s never been anything the state could do to provide PCI for small cars,” Albrighton told the Alabama Daily News this week. “I can’t hurt the people in my district to get this done for the state government (as much as I want).”

The tribe has a monopoly on the game, but the latest version of the gambling bill includes “accidental electronic games” at dog sledding stores and bingo halls, robbing them of their options for a fourth Poach Creek casino. Congress still has “three days” before it adjourns on May 14. This means the House and Senate could meet three more times before adjourning, allowing the bill to be reintroduced. 토토

Next is Alberta or Quebec?
When it comes to legalizing or rolling out sports betting in the U.S., money is often the driving force. The same seems to be true in Canada. While most stakeholders point to Alberta as the next Canadian market to live with sports betting, Lotto-Québec was asked to save $1 billion from the state. Around the same time, the Quebec Online Gaming Alliance released the results of its Mallet Economic Analysis. The study shows that Ontario made $145 million in revenue during 2022-23. This was the first fiscal year for single-event betting.

Also, according to the report, Ontario lottery games and games increased profits by 31 percent. The association suggests that the report’s results mean that any state in Canada could benefit from implementing a model similar to that of Ontario. Quebec has a population of 8.5 million, compared to Ontario’s 14.2 million.

Betway, Bet99, DraftKings, Entain (BetMGM), FanDuel, Games Global and Rush Street Interactive are all part of the coalition and all have live betting platforms in Ontario.

Mississippi has no statewide means of transportation
A bill to expand legal sports betting to mobile devices across the state of Mississippi was abandoned by a meeting committee on Monday (April 29). HB 774 would allow up to 30 digital betting platforms connected to casinos. The tax rate would have been 12 percent. The House of Representatives approved the bill in February, but it did not pass the Senate. In addition, the meeting committee has not resolved this disagreement.

Mississippi was the third state to live with some form of legal sports betting after the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was overturned in May 2018. Wagering is limited to in-person visits from multiple locations or on-site travel, but Mississippi has no statewide travel. Three of Mississippi’s four border states now offer digital betting.

That’s not it!
North Carolina’s legal sports betting law requires consumers to pay taxes on winning. But the law does not allow consumers to write off their losses. Gov. Roy Cooper wants the law changed and is asking Congress to review the new law. Businesses now have the right to write off their losses.

Sen. Julie Mayfield of North Carolina also waived SB 788 on Thursday (May 2). The bill would ban college athletes from betting professionally, and would prohibit direct betting at all venues hosting college events for eight hours before and after the tournament. In North Carolina, offline sports books are allowed in professional sports stadiums.

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