“The price of soccer uniforms is 13 billion ↑”…Messi is also shooting “world No. 1,” WC winning uniform sports auction is expected to be “the highest price”! “A monumental event in auction history”

It is expected to hit the ‘highest price’ in the history of auctioning sports athletes’ goods. The items are six uniforms for the Argentine national team, which Messi led to the 2022 Qatar World Cup victory.

Messi won all the championships he could win when he was at Barcelona. As a member of Argentina’s national team, he reached the top of the Olympics and Copa America. However, he had no relationship with the World Cup. It was also devalued because there was no World Cup trophy.

However, he actually won a dramatic victory in the last World Cup. It was an all-time World Cup. He was defeated by Saudi Arabia in the first round of the group stage, but since then, he has raced without hesitation to reach the top. The final against France was the fiercest match in the history of the World Cup. It was Argentina’s first win in 36 years, and Messi lifted his World Cup trophy.

Messi, who lifted the World Cup, was given the title of GOAT (스포츠토토).

At this time, six uniforms worn by Messi will advance to the auction. They are the uniforms of the two group games, and the four they wore in the tournament. The UK’s Daily Mail exclusively reported this. And it is expected to hit the highest price in sports star auction history. The price is more than 8 million pounds (13 billion won).

The media outlet said, “The uniform set Messi wore at the 2022 Qatar World Cup is expected to sell for more than £8 million. It is the number one in the history of sports auctions,” he reported.

The previous record was the uniform worn by Michael Jordan in Game 1 of the 1998 NBA Finals. The auction price was 8.1 million pounds (13.1 billion won). Messi is expected to surpass Jordan’s record this time.

The No. 1 soccer star was the uniform worn by Argentina’s Diego Maradona in the 1986 Mexico World Cup quarterfinals against England, which sold for 7.1 million pounds (11.4 billion won). The highest price among Messi’s items was the uniform worn by Real Madrid and El Clasico in 2017, which recorded 360,000 pounds (580 million won).

An official from Sotheby’s, the world’s largest auction house, said, “The mesh uniform set will be auctioned off at Sotheby’s in New York. The 2022 Qatar World Cup was one of the greatest tournaments in sports history. It was linked to Messi’s passionate journey, solidifying his status as the best player of all time. The sale of the six uniforms will be a monumental event in auction history. It is Sotheby’s honor to open and display this precious collection to the public.”

Meanwhile, a portion of the auction price is donated to a charity that runs a children’s hospital.

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