1xBet Wins SiGMA Europe 2023 Award

From Nov. 13-17, the SiGMA Malta Europe Summit 2023, one of Europe’s largest iGaming exhibitions, was held at the MMH Shipyard in Valletta.

The 1xBet team has actively participated in all events at the SiGMA Malta Europe Summit 2023. The booth guests were informed about the benefits of the 1xBet affiliate program and had the opportunity to talk to the company’s top executives and receive valuable products.

“We were very happy to be a sponsor of the SiGMA Malta Europe Summit 2023. Our company has had the opportunity to talk to new partners about the benefits of working with 1xBet and provide exhibition guests with all the information they need about the affiliate program,” a 1xBet representative noted.

Traditionally, the exhibition has hosted the SiGMA Europe Awards 2023, a prestigious European award for the iGaming industry. One of the statues went to 1xBet, who beat his competitors in the Best Sportsbook Operator 2023 category. 파친코

This year, the forum brought together more than 800 major market operators who presented their ideas for the new business season. More than 25,000 guests and more than 250 speakers discussed current issues in the development of gambling and exchanged views on the prospects of the industry.

The 1xBet team is grateful to the exhibition organizers for the opportunity to communicate live with partners from other countries and receive valuable information to grow further.

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