Shin Jin-seo’s ‘2 wins in a day’ Kicks wins first KB Baduk League season

Kixx, the ‘defending champion’ of the KB Baduk League, achieved its first win of the season thanks to Shin Jin-seo’s performance.Kicks faced Jeonggwan Jang Cheonnok 2-2 in the second round of the 2023-2024 KB Kookmin Bank Baduk League held at the Baduk TV Studio in Majang-ro, Seongdong-gu on the afternoon of the 7th, and then 9-dan Shin Jin-seo defeated 9-dan Byun Sang-il in the final ace match. won.The ace match between Shin Jin-seo and Byun Sang-il was a fierce battle as expected from the match between the first and third place in the Korean rankings.Shin Jin-seo created an advantageous situation by penetrating the upper chamber as a master of fighting with the idol group, but Byun Sang-il held on until the last minute, taking advantage of practical benefits.

Then, Shin Jin-seo captured the black hemp of the Left Sanggui using the correct procedure and decided the match.The Kicks, who lost 1-3 in the first game of the season against Wonik on the 31st of last month, recorded 1 win and 1 loss and started toward their second consecutive league loss.Shin Jin-seo is currently ahead of Byun Sang-il with a total of 35 wins and 7 losses, including 13 consecutive wins.Byun Sang-il suffered his first loss in the ace match since last season after winning seven games in a row.

The two will compete for the championship trophy in the third round of the LG Cup finals, which will be held on the 29th.The 2023-2024 KB Kookmin Bank Baduk League regular league is held every Thursday to Sunday.The match time for countries 1 and 2 starts at 7 PM, and countries 3 and 4 start at 8:30 PM.If both teams have 2 wins and 2 losses, the winner will be decided in the final ace match.If you win 4-0 or 3-1, you get 3 points, and if you win 3-2, you get 2 points.The team that loses 2-3 gets 1 point.The Baduk League prize money is 250 million won for the winner, 100 million won for the runner-up, 60 million won for the third place, and 30 million won for the fourth place.In addition, the team that wins each game receives 14 million won, and the losing 스포츠토토존 team receives 7 million won.

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