Injured Nadal will not participate in the Australian Open tennis tournament, saying it is difficult to play a 5-set match

 Rafael Nadal (Spain) will not participate in the Australian Open, the first major tournament of the season, which opens on the 14th.Nadal said on his social media on the 7th, “At the moment, I am not ready to play a five-set match at the highest level,” and “I plan to return to Spain to get diagnosed.”Nadal, who had not played in a tournament for a year since the Australian Open in January last year, made his return through the Brisbane International on the Men’s Professional Tennis (ATP) Tour held in Brisbane, Australia earlier this month.

Nadal, who was eliminated in the first round of the doubles, advanced to the quarterfinals of the singles, but lost 1-2 (7-5 ​​6-7<6-8> 3-6) in the third round against Jordan Thompson (55th, Australia) held on the 5th. lost. In this match, Nadal had to use a medical timeout during the third set, and it appears that he suffered pain in his leg muscles.Regarding the injured area, Nadal explained, “After receiving a detailed examination in Melbourne, Australia, the muscle was slightly damaged, but it was not in the area where I was previously injured.”

In an interview after being eliminated, Nadal said, “I think my muscles are a little tired, but my muscles were overloaded after playing for a few days,” and “I can’t be 100% sure (of participating in the Australian Open).”In the end, Nadal decided to give up participating in the Australian Open and return to Spain.It is known that Nadal, born in 1986, is likely to retire at the end of this year, and is planning to prepare to participate in the French Open, which opens in May.Nadal is currently ranked 672nd in the world, and is expected to rise to around 450th in the new rankings announced on the 8th as a result of the quarterfinals of this 온라인카지노 Australian tournament.

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