Life without poker?

Bayo has never had a “general” job in his life, except for a quick face-to-face meeting at the local grocery store when he was 16. The only reason he got it was because he went broke playing poker.

“To date, this is the worst job in a grocery store,” he said with a smile. “Luckily, after I got my first paycheck, I made a deposit online and shortly thereafter I turned my bank account into a few thousand dollars. I quit the job about three weeks later and never had to go back.”

Instead, Bayo devoted himself to poker. He earned enough money to buy his own apartment in the fourth grade. He bought a two-year-old BMW and decorated it with glowing frames and a silly sound system. His parents, Margot and David, were fiercely opposed, but there was not much they could do, especially when their son showed them his bank account.

“Yes, they were surprised, especially at first,” Bayo says. “Poker was thought to be a dirty industry where people broke their legs in the desert. That worried them. But they didn’t know much better. In reality, poker is just a group of nerds sitting around trying to comfort each other.”

Bayo was far from your typical nerd, as he used to ride the BMW to school and throw parties in his apartment. The biggest obstacle to his poker game is that he’s a minor. He got one of his older friends to deposit the money online, which really upset his father.

“He didn’t care how big my funding was,” Bayo said. “He may be one of the smartest people I know, but money was never a motivating factor for him. He didn’t want me to do anything illegal.”

However, once again, using the screen name “Holla@yoboy,” the game’s inherent talent and dedication could not stop Bayo from making him an instant success in the poker online world

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“That’s a very good question,” he replies after pausing for a while. “Not really. At this point, all I know is about half of my life and my entire adult life. So, yeah, I don’t think so.”

Instead of rebelling or fighting against being kicked out of high school, Bayo got into his BMW and drove to Las Vegas. He spent weeks there and continued to make money by staying with poker friends he made online. A few weeks later, less than a month after turning 18, he returned home to meet his parents and told them that poker would be his job.

“It wasn’t something they imagined for me, but they decided to support me because I was almost 18 years old,” he said. “Once I started making decent money traveling, my father finally came to terms with it. He saw me happy and I was achieving success.”

Coincidentally, one of the people responsible for the success will be seated in the two seats to his right at the main event final table. Chip leader Cliff Joseph Josephie, whose profile was revealed by Casino City last month, has shot to fame over the past decade by sponsoring certain players, one of whom was a by accident.

“It’s weird and it’s just part of all this surreal experience,” Bayo said, pointing out that Joseph had no idea if he was a minor when he first welcomed him into the player stable. “I’ve known him since I was 16. He’s had a big influence on me.”

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