Kim Kang-min’s ‘shock’ transfer, sometimes the mind is more important than money

The aftermath of SSG Landers is lingering. Kim Won-hyung’s sudden dismissal seemed to be prevented by the appointment of new coach Lee Soo-yong, but SSG was devastated due to Kim Kang-min’s shock transfer through the second draft.

Kim Kang-min is a franchise star who has played for Incheon for 23 years alone. Fans are angry that he moved to Hanwha Eagles in vain through the second draft at a time when he was about to retire. Finally, Kim Sung-yong, the team’s general manager, was demoted to take the responsibility. 토토사이트

“The sadness of losing a franchise star.” What comes to mind when I watched the latest episode of “Kim Kang-min incident” is the transfer of Kang Min-ho. Kang, who was nominated by the Lotte Giants in 2004, has established himself as the starting catcher from the 2006 season, and has grown into a star player of the Lotte Giants and a catcher for the national team.

When Kang Min-ho became an FA for the first time ahead of the 2014 season, Lotte signed a four-year, 7.5 billion won contract, the highest ever catcher. The announcement amount was 7.5 billion won, and the actual amount including options was reported to have exceeded 9 billion won. Lotte had given Kang the best treatment and saved his pride.

Then, four years later, Kang became an FA again. But things were different back then. It was the second FA. And Son Ah-seop, the team’s best hitter, was the first FA. Lotte was very busy. For now, he did his best to Son Ah-seop. Kang had a vague belief that he was a Lotte player. And he also judged that his skills were deteriorating after age 30.

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