Lotte Giants’ choice and conclusion were futile. Lotte did not name a compensation player from the Hanwha Eagles. Why did they make such a choice.

Hanwha recruited Ahn Chi-hong, an infielder with the FA. Ahn Chi-hong will leave Busan and enter Daejeon under the condition of up to 7.2 billion won (6.37 million U.S. dollars) for up to six years. 카지노사이트 순위

Lotte, which should never be forgotten. Attention was focusing on who Lotte will bring as compensation player. Ahn Chi-hong was rated B in FA. A team that takes a B player had to compensate the original fastball team with one compensation player besides 25 protected players, the previous season’s annual salary, or 200 percent of the previous season’s annual salary. The choice is up to the original fastball team.

Usually, clubs nominate compensation players. This is because if you accept a list other than 20 and 25 protected players, you will inevitably see resources that you can use. Or you invest in promising players for the future. It can’t be objectified with figures, but it can cost tens of billions of won. The prevailing view was that giving up hundreds of millions of won in value and bringing in players would be unconditionally beneficial.

Would Lotte have been in a hurry to make money? 500 million won is a huge amount of money, but it is not enough to control the fate of the baseball team. Lotte is also not a poor club. In other words, Lotte made the decision because there was no player to pick. “We judged based on the criteria of which player would be able to show better performance than the current players and whether there is more growth potential,” Lotte General Manager Park Jun-hyuk said. The team decided that clearly motivating existing players is better than bringing in a compensation player, which is ambiguous.

Hanwha accepted the result, which could give a sigh of relief. Hanwha, which has a thin player base, is precious to each player. It is known that he also put his heart and soul into making a list of protected players. Expecting Lotte to target pitchers, he focused more on pitchers.

Strategy success. But it’s time for the good. To interpret Lotte’s decision in a different light, that means Hanwha lacks players. It was a reassuring but a little embarrassing ending. Hanwha had only veteran infielder Oh Sun-jin nominated in the second draft as well.

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