Circa Sports, a Las Vegas sports betting brand, reported that only 30 contestants remain at the Circa Survivor, a professional soccer tournament.

The unexpected losses suffered by Pittsburgh and Jacksonville, the two most popular games of Week 13, resulted in a major elimination of more than 60 percent of the remaining contestants.

The number of swimming pools for winners surged to $9.267 million, offering the biggest prize money ever for a professional soccer betting competition. Each remaining entry is worth $308,900, up from $6.1 million last year.

The most popular games of Week 13 were the Pittsburgh – 24 Selection, Jacksonville – 24 Selection, and Tampa Bay – 15 Selection. Pittsburgh was the first to lose after facing a difficult challenge with a score of 24-10 after an early loss against Arizona and the injury of quarterback Kenny Pickett. Jacksonville collapsed after losing starting quarterback Trevor Lawrence in overtime against Cincinnati. In addition, New Orleans and New York continued to lose, eliminating one entry each.

Even though a few contestants entered Week 13 with multiple entries, all contestants with multiple entries lost enough to reduce to at least one entry left. Thirty entries left now represent 30 different entries. 파워볼게임

This time last year, only one team was eliminated in the 13th week, dropping to 70 teams in total.

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