In fact, Hwang Ui-jo, who was virtually ‘punged’, temporarily deprived of the national team → Europe’s biggest crisis to survive…”I don’t even mention the reason. I’m canceling the lease again.”

The Nottingham club of the English Premier League (EPL) announced on its website on the 10th (Korea time) that Hwang Ui-jo has returned after completing his lease. Norwich City, the English Championship (part 2), who previously played on loan, also announced their separation on the same day, saying, “I am grateful that (Hwang Ui-jo) has devoted himself for several months.” There are no comments on the early termination of his lease contract anywhere in the two clubs.

Hwang was originally scheduled to join Norwich this season as a loanee. However, he returned to Nottingham after 130 days. British public broadcaster BBC predicted that Hwang had recently suffered a hamstring injury. However, Norwich still have 20 more games to play in the league. It has until May 4 to play the entire season. If he rests well with treatment, he can expect to recover from his hamstring starting from five to six weeks. Several players will return within four weeks if the injury is not severe. It is assumed that Hwang’s loan contract was not terminated simply because of his injury.

It seems unlikely that Nottingham strongly wanted Hwang Ui-jo. One of the main agents of the offense, Nigeria’s Taiwo Awoniyi, is in danger with a constant groin injury, but most of the other strikers are still alive. 토토사이트 순위

Chris Wood, who is in charge of the front line where Hwang Ui-jo plays, scored a hat trick in the 19th round of the EPL against Newcastle United on the 26th of last month, pouring out his fifth to seventh goals in the league. In addition, Antony Elanga, Morgan Gibbs-White, Callum Hudson-Odoi and Nicholas Dominguez are being appointed in the offense.

Early this season, Hwang was on the bench in the second and third rounds of the EPL before his appointment due to Norwich. Even though Wood was not in his right condition at the time, he failed to get a chance to play. Awoniyi was at the forefront of the game.

He eventually moved to Norwich in September last year, and scored three goals in 17 league matches, which seemed to revive him little by little. However, due to his injury and termination of his lease, he has to seek survival in Europe again.

He left Bordeaux (France) to join Nottingham in August 2022 and succeeded in entering the EPL, but immediately left for Olympiacos (Greece) for a season on loan. At that time, the lease was terminated early as it was only scoreless, and in February last year, he returned to Nottingham after recovering his condition after a short six-month lease to K League 1 FC Seoul.

He showed his determination to survive in the European big leagues again, but things are not going as he wanted. Moreover, he is being investigated by police for allegedly having sex illegally with his ex-lover. Until he was cleared of charges, he was given a temporary deprivation of his national team membership.

He naturally failed to join the national team for the upcoming Qatar Asian Cup that will kick off on June 13. As Norwich are effectively suffering from cold weather in many ways.

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