Comments mocking Korean history, including disparaging victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery, on the SNS of the Asian Cup

With two days to go before the opening of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup, which will determine the strongest Asian soccer player, the AFC’s official online account has been controversial with a number of comments disparaging Japanese military victims.

Seo Kyung-deok, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University, said on social networking services (SNS) on the 10th, “There were comments mocking Korean history on the AFC Asian Cup Instagram,” adding, “In particular, comments disparaging the grandmothers of Japanese military Japanese Military Sexual Slavery are systematically running, so action is necessary.”

He pointed out, “Most of the ridiculous comments, such as ‘Japan is ashamed of its history and identity by conceiving a Korean woman during World War II’ and ‘Koreans are proud of the Japanese.’ 슬롯사이트 추천

“More than anything else, it is also a problem to use dots to express a scene in which a Japanese soldier steals an Japanese Military Sexual Slavery grandmother in a picture and continue to post it in the comment box,” he criticized.

“Unbelievable things are being done, such as stealing Son Heung-min’s portrait rights without permission and using them as profile pictures of their accounts,” he added.

In a protest email to AFC, Professor Seo demanded, “Delete as many comments mocking Japanese Japanese Military Sexual Slavery victims as soon as possible and make sure to block the accounts of ignorant soccer fans.”

He also attached a video related to the Japanese military Japanese Military Sexual Slavery and emphasized, “I hope that the AFC will also face the history of Asia and remind them of the importance of women’s human rights.”

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