Hwang Ui-jo, ‘suspected illegal filming of sexual activity’ Is it a hero’s fall amid a major scandal

Hwang Ui-jo (31) of the Korean national soccer team is Norwich City. The public is remembered as a player who contributed significantly to Son’s exemption from military service as the top scorer (9 goals) at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games. He is the very player who has been named a hero as an undisputed striker for the Korean national soccer team.

However, Hwang was changed from victim to suspect on charges of illegally filming his sexual activity with his ex-girlfriend. The Korea Football Association decided not to select Hwang as a member of the national team until a conclusion is reached on the charges.

Will the big scandal that he caused, once revered as a surprise hero of Korean soccer, lead him to ruin, or will he be able to relieve his injustice and come back. 토토사이트

Hwang Ui-jo, who graduated from Pungsaeng High School and Yonsei University, grew up as a franchise star at Seongnam FC. However, Hwang Ui-jo was not good enough to become a regular national team player at the time. At the 2018 Asian Games, Kim Hak-beom, the then men’s soccer coach, surprisingly selected Hwang Ui-jo, who was a student in Seongnam. In response, numerous people criticized Kim Hak-beom and Hwang Ui-jo.

It was Hwang Ui-jo who ran towards the negative end due to controversy over his personal connections. However, he scored a hat-trick from the first match of the Asian Games and scored the final nine goals to win the tournament’s top scorer. Thanks to his performance, Korea has secured the gold medal in the away games for the first time in 40 years. Back then, there were many great stars such as Son Heung-min, Kim Min-jae, Hwang Hee-chan, Lee Seung-woo, and Cho Hyun-woo, but without Hwang Ui-jo, it would have been impossible to exempt athletes from mandatory military service through gold medals.

Hwang Ui-jo, who is in his prime in the wake of the Asian Games, has since established himself as an undisputed striker for the national soccer team under head coach Paulo Bento. With 15 goals in 42 games, he ranked as Bento’s top scorer, and in the meantime, he entered the French Ligue 1 and scored his first hat-trick as an Asian player and double-digit goals for two consecutive seasons. Thanks to his performance, he was also listed in the line of Korean strikers who followed Lee Hoi-taek, Cha Bum-geun, Choi Soon-ho, Hwang Sun-hong, Lee Dong-guk and Park Joo-young.

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