Fremont Street Experience’s $32M Viva Vision Renovation

In February 2019, the Fremont Street Experience will begin a $32 million renovation of Viva Vision, the world’s largest single video screen located in downtown historic Las Vegas. Spanning one of Las Vegas’ most vibrant streets and five city blocks, the upgraded Viva Vision canopy lights up pedestrian malls with 16,433,152 pixels and 5,000 nits, and is four times brighter at resolution than conventional canopies. In partnership with the City of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, renovations to the iconic city-owned Viva Vision canopy will be completed for unveiling on 파워볼게임.

“The redevelopment of the iconic Viva Vision Canopy is a major milestone for the Fremont Street Experience and the city of Las Vegas,” said Patrick Hughes, president and CEO of the Fremont Street Experience. “With the Fremont Street Experience attracting more than 23 million visitors per year, we really look forward to seeing the new energy it brings to downtown Las Vegas and the positive impact it will have on the entire community.”

Boasting a state-of-the-art concert-quality sound system of 550,000 watts and 12.5 million lights, visitors will soon be able to enjoy dazzling high-resolution lights and sound shows 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Revitalized by a collaboration between Fremont Street Experience, Tre Builders, and Watchfire Signs, an Illinois-based LED manufacturer, the Viva Vision Canopy will offer new digital content as well as interactive elements such as The Key, an app that allows visitors to write personalized messages for Viva Vision and vote for their next song or video.

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