“Does Ohtani wear $700 million worth of 5 million won?” From the Dodgers’ joining ceremony to the cold watch, it’s a big topic

Ohtani attended a press conference to join the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on the 15th (Korea time). Ohtani signed a 10-year total of $700 million with the Dodgers, the largest amount in professional sports history. He played for the Los Angeles Angels, a local rival team, for six seasons after entering the Major League, but chose the Dodgers, a “team that can win the championship” and a “friendly LA-based team.” The San Francisco Giants and Toronto Blue Jays sent a love call to Ohtani until the end, but his choice was the Dodgers. 안전 토토사이트

Ohtani’s contract, which exceeds Lionel Messi and LeBron James, sparked controversy by adopting a “defender” method in which most of his annual salary is paid after 10 years. Ohtani first proposed the dipper contract with the intention of reducing the burden of the team’s salary cap and creating a stronger team, but many criticize the Dodgers because they can actually avoid luxury taxes and Ohtani can also enjoy tax reduction effects if he lives in a region other than California after 10 years.

His joining ceremony was all the talk of the town because he signed a great deal. The first is the watch he wore at the ceremony. Ohtani wore a navy suit and a blue tie to the ceremony. It was a choice of costumes tailored to the Dodgers’ symbol, Dodger Blue.

He was also wearing a leather watch on his left wrist, which drew a lot of attention. Although Ohtani did not leave an official comment on the watch, Japanese media reported that Otani’s watch is from Japanese brand S and is priced at 572,000 yen (about 5.27 million won) in Japan. The article topped the list of news that was viewed a lot in real time online. Japanese baseball fans said, “It is quite frugal compared to the annual salary,” and added, “The brand was created in Iwate Prefecture. Ohtani is from there.” However, the brand is more likely to be sponsored as Ohtani is currently in charge of the exclusive model.

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