Willie Mays, Buster Poseier Brandon Crawford… …and Lee Jung-hoo is ready to melt down in San Francisco

Lee knew too well about his new team, San Francisco. When asked by local reporters what made him look forward to the most, he naturally mentioned the term “splash hit.”

There is a “splash hit” at Oracle Park, which has become Lee’s new home stadium. A home run that goes over the right fence of Oracle Park to McCorvey Bay is called a “splash hit.” The right fence is so high that it is not easy to even cross it. Therefore, it is disadvantageous for left-handed big guns. 카지노사이트 순위

“I used to play in dome stadiums in Korea, but now I’m so happy to play in baseball stadiums that are characterized by natural grasses. Especially, splash hits are the most famous and I can’t wait to see that,” Lee said.

On top of that, when asked if he knew anything about San Francisco’s history, Lee Jung-hoo also brought up the name Willie Mays, a legend of San Francisco. “There are so many famous players, but I know Willie Mays well,” Lee Jung-hoo said.

Mace is a legendary player who played in 3005 major league games and hit .301 660 home runs with 1909 RBIs and 339 steals, winning two MVP awards, 20 All-Star selection awards, and winning gold gloves for 12 consecutive years.

“The player I remember recently is Buster Posey. I think Buster Posey is the one who led the team to win the World Series in 2010, 2012 and 2014.” Posey was a “one-club man” who played only in San Francisco with a career-high 1,371 games of batting average of .302, 158 homers, 729 RBIs, and 23 steals, and was a key member when San Francisco won the World Series in 2010, 2012 and 2014. He also won the National League MVP award in 2012.

At a press conference on the day, someone asked me which San Francisco player I liked the most when I was young. “I liked Brandon Crawford because I played shortstop when I was young,” Lee said. Crawford is also a veteran shortstop who has a batting average of .250 with 146 homers, 744 RBIs, and 47 steals in 1,654 games. He showed sluggish performance with .194 with seven homers, 38 RBIs, and three steals in 93 games this year.

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