‘My Son Is Good’… ‘Family of the Wind’ Lee Jung-hoo and Lee Jong-beom Step on the Land of Oracle Park

Lee Jung-hoo (25) joined the team wearing the San Francisco Giants uniform. Lee Jong-beom (53), the “son of the wind” and “father of Lee Jung-hoo,” stood side by side at Oracle Park, San Francisco’s home stadium.

San Francisco held a press conference for Lee Jung-hoo at Oracle Park, San Francisco’s home stadium, at 6 a.m. on the 16th (Korea Standard Time).

After the 2023 season, Lee challenged himself to the Major League through a posting system (closed competitive bidding). San Francisco Giants general manager Pete Putilla gave a standing ovation while watching Lee’s game during the 2023 season.

Consequently, the two signed a six-year contract worth a total of 113 million U.S. dollars. As a result, Lee has become the most expensive player in San Francisco. He ranks first in annual average amount and also in total amount. The second is right-handed ace Logan Webb (annual average amount of 18 million dollars, five years and 90 million dollars).

Lee broke the record high posted by Asian fielders. He beat Masataka Yoshida’s five-year 90 million dollars, Seiya Suzuki’s five-year 85 million dollars, and Kodai Senga’s 75 million dollars. 온라인카지노

San Francisco, which gave Lee a huge sum of money, also gave Lee’s family special treatment at the joining ceremony. At the beginning of the joining ceremony, Lee Jung-hoo was introduced to his family. Lee Jong-beom filmed Lee’s joining press conference from the front.

Local reporters asked Lee a lot of questions. “I’m learning personality from my father and what a player should do,” Lee said, expressing respect for Lee.

As for the nickname “Grandchild of the Wind,” he said, “My father used to have the nickname “Son of the Wind.” Since I was born, I naturally became the “Grandchild of the Wind.”

Lee stood at Oracle Park, San Francisco’s home stadium, with his mother and father, Lee Jong-beom. The electronic display board engraved Lee’s name. “Family of the Wind” took pictures with the electronic display in the background, capturing the monumental event of Lee Jung-hoo.

KBO league legends Lee Jong-beom and Lee Jung-hoo stood side by side in the Major League’s home stadium. The Son of the Wind and the Son of the Wind are also showing off their presence in the Major League.

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