Clubs and fans are surprised and congratulated by Manchester City MF’s ‘secret birth’ ↔ news like a bolt out of the blue. “Leave the team in January.”

Defensive midfielder Kalvin Phillips of Manchester City in the English Premier League has become a father. In particular, the news of his father surprised even fans as he gave birth to a surprise that even fans and the club did not know about. However, both good news and bad news came along. None other than the club is preparing for his transfer.

The Sun reported on Thursday that Phillips’ Wag posted a touching photo of the baby he was born with. The Sun released the congratulatory message and said he could leave for Juventus on loan this summer. Phillips made his EPL debut with Leeds United. He was a Leeds man who played a whopping 214 games for the club from 2014 to 2022. He moved to Manchester City in 2022. 메이저 토토사이트

According to the article, there seem to be two options. First of all, he could completely move to Manchester United at the end of this season. However, Manchester City explained earlier that it would first release him on loan to Juventus during the transfer window this winter.

Phillips gave birth to his first child with his childhood sweetheart Ashley. It was on Christmas Day. He did not reveal the gender or name of the child but just posted various pictures of the child after birth. They include a montage of various children and a picture of Ashley holding a baby right after giving birth.

Although Phillips suddenly announced the birth, he kept quiet about his girlfriend’s pregnancy. That’s why even the club and fans were surprised at the news that Phillips became a father.

“The best gift of my life,” Ashley, Phillips’ girlfriend, wrote in a touching post. Congratulations to fans, colleagues, and the club all upon hearing the news of the unexpected birth. For the happy couple, the club wrote, “Congratulations, Phillips and Ashley!” Taylor Ward, wife of Riyad Mahrez, who also played for Manchester City until last season, said, “Congratulations to you guys,” and many fans gushed with congratulations, including, “The best mom and dad.”

Phillips celebrates the joy of having a baby on Christmas Day, but this may not be the only new beginning, according to media. It is highly likely that he will leave Manchester City to secure his position as the main player. The Sun has already said that Phillips is considering moving to Manchester United after leaving Manchester City.

Phillips’ move to Manchester United will happen after the end of this season, but Manchester City may send him to Juventus in Italy on loan during the transfer window in January. Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga has also reportedly expressed interest. Attention is focusing on whether Phillips, who had the best Christmas of his life with a new family, will leave Manchester City and move to a new place.

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