Tottenham will be a big hit, but 24 billion won is enough to recruit the Bundesliga

Britain’s Court Offside said on the 29th (Korea Standard Time), “Seru Girashi (27, Stuttgart), who is receiving a lot of attention, is reportedly ready to move his team to the January transfer market,” adding, “Both Tottenham and Manchester United (England) will enter the recruitment market.”

Guinea-born Girashi is one of the best stars in the German Bundesliga. He scored 17 goals in 14 league matches this season, ranking second in the league in scoring. Harry Kane (Bayern Munich), the top scorer in the Bundesliga, has shown unbelievable performance with 21 goals in 15 league matches, and Girashi is considered the only competitor who is trying to become the top scorer.

The third highest scorer is Royce Offenda (RB Leipzig), who has 11 goals in the league. The gap with them is quite wide. Many teams have shown interest in Girashi’s outstanding scoring ability. Above all, Girashi includes a buyout clause, so if the transfer fee is 17 million euros, he or she can change teams without consent from his or her team. This is an opportunity to buy a top-rated striker at a cheap price.

“Girashi is ready to leave Stuttgart. He would prefer a club that offers the best project and salary,” the court offside said. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Tottenham has a gap in its offense as Kane left the team last summer. Brazilian striker Hishalisson is playing as a front-line striker, but he is being criticized for his inconsistent performance. Also, Son Heung-min has to participate in the Asian Cup, which could make the attack problem bigger. It is a big boost if Girashi is recruited.

Girasi, who played for Stade de Rennes in the French league, was loaned to Stuttgart last season. As a result, he scored 11 goals en masse in 20 league matches last season. As a result, Stuttgart struggled to stay in the top flight. Stuttgart fully recruited Girasi. Girasi continued to play extremely well this season.

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