“I don’t understand you on earth, 175cm to block 194cm CB”…Chelsea Legend Directs Arteta

“John Terry pinned Arsenal’s personal defense on his social media,” soccer media outlet “TBR Football” said on the 29th (Korea Standard Time). It is analyzed that Arsenal lost a goal to the opponent. 토토사이트 순위

On the same day, Arsenal played West Ham United in the 19th round of the 2023/24 English Premier League. The league tried numerous shots in the match but none of them resulted in a goal. West Ham, on the other hand, had just six shots to break through Arsenal’s net twice, winning 2-0.

In the 10th minute of the second half, West Ham center back Constantinos Mabrofanos joined the attack and scored a header. West Ham, who got a corner kick, crossed for Arsenal’s goal, but Arsenal failed to check Mabrofanos. Knowing that Mabrofanos, who is 194 centimeters tall, would join the attack and aim for a header, the team failed to block him.

At the time, Arsenal made the mistake of putting on fullback Oleksandr Zinchenko, who was only 175 centimeters tall, to keep Mavropanos (No. 15). Tall center backs Magalangis and William Saliba, and fullback Ben White, who can compete at 186 centimeters, were all camped in front of the goalpost.

West Ham seemed to be aware of Arsenal’s defensive stance. James Ward-Praus, the master of kick, immediately curled a corner, and Mavropanos, who pretended not to aim for a goal, immediately rushed in to shove the small Arsenal players out of his way and attempt a header. Magalangis and Ben White had belatedly stepped up to check, but Mavropanos had already taken a better position.

Terry said, “I don’t know why many teams are blocking the opposing team’s huge center back with the shortest players,” adding, “The big players with the best supply of the team are huddled in front of the goal.” Terry then expressed doubts, saying, “Zinchenko checks Mavropanos? Should Bukayo Saka and Leandro Trossar mark the person?”

Arsenal did not only make defensive errors in the latest match. The quality of the shots was not good, either. Arsenal scored a total of 2.77 points in the xG goal tally by scoring a total of 30 shots, but there were not many scenes that should have been scored. Eight of the 30 shots were made on goal, but all of them were far from goal.

TBR Football said Arsenal need to find another way to win the match. “It is true that there was an effective shot, but there were few scenes that were disappointing,” it said. “West Ham have not allowed offence (unlike other teams) easily. Arsenal need to find a way to find out about such a team.” Arsenal lost the match and lost to Liverpool at the top of the league table again.

Liverpool, which currently has a slight advantage by two points, is expected to be able to conclude 2023 in a good mood. On the other hand, Arsenal are one point ahead of Aston Villa in third place and three points behind Manchester City (Manchester City), which played one game less. If Manchester City wins the league game against Sheffield United on March 31, Manchester City can jump two spots to second place and Arsenal could drop to third place.

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