Arrests related to online games not related to POGO

Philippine game regulators said in a statement Wednesday that recent arrests of Chinese and other foreigners involved in illegal online games in the Philippines were not related to “legitimate” Philippine offshore game operators (POGOs).

The state-run Philippine Entertainment Game Company (Pagcor) also said that “individuals, groups or organizations” that gamble online without approval “should not be categorized as declarations.”

The statement quoted Pagcor chairman and chief executive Alejandro Tengco as saying POGO operations were being “totally monitored” by regulators. “Game operators who fail to pass the offshore game license application process and fail to meet documentation and financial requirements cannot be classified as legitimate offshore game operators or POGOs,” he added. 파칭코

The Philippines’ online gaming industry grew exponentially until the arrival of COVID-19 in early 2020.

National authorities say they have recently stepped up efforts to prevent illegal online gaming activities in the country. A Justice Department official this week said the crackdown was “triggered by reports of murder, kidnapping and other crimes.”

Pagcor’s Tengco said his agency is working closely with various government departments to “effectively determine illegal overseas game operations in the country and prevent kidnapping and human trafficking incidents.”

Currently, 34 approved POGOs and 127 certified service providers have undergone probability testing, according to a statement on Wednesday.

Earlier this week, the official news agency reported that hundreds of POGO’s licenses had been revoked by regulators. According to the report, POGOs subject to closure had licenses expired or revoked due to violations such as unpaid government fees.

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