The final match of the “Generous and Warm” KLPGA season…Let’s have fun together!

In November, the third round of the “SK Shielders-SK Telecom Championship” (total prize money of 1 billion won, winning prize money of 200 million won) was held at Raviebel Country Club (par 72/6,794 yards) in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do.

Ahn Sun-joo, Ha Min-song, and Jung Yoon-ji started tied for sixth place, three strokes behind leader Park Min-ji until the second round. As it was the last tournament, there was a desire for a come-from-behind victory, but the three players were full of leeway.

As Ahn Sun-joo, Ha Min-song, and Jung Yoon-ji, who finished the tee shot, moved to the middle to pose, Ha Min-song opened her arms and hugged Ahn Sun-joo (left) and her four-year-old sister Jung Yoon-ji (right). 토토사이트

Ahn Sun-joo and Jung Yoon-ji posed comically to cover Ha Min-song’s stomach as if they had promised. Ahn Sun-joo, Ha Min-song and Jung Yoon-ji moved for the second shot with a friendly smile.

Ha Min-song tied for fifth with a final total of four under par, while Jung Yoon-ji and Ahn Sun-joo tied for seventh with three under par.

Meanwhile, Park Min-ji became the holder of the most wins in active duty by winning six games in two consecutive seasons at the “SK Shielders-SK Telecom Championship,” the last tournament of the season.

Park Min-ji recorded an even par with three birdies and bogeys in the final third round. He won the championship, beating Ahn Song-yi, who hit 7-under with a total of 9-under 207.

Park Min-ji also surpassed 5 billion won in total prize money for the second time in history, following Jang Ha-na, who earned 5,761,845,444 won in total prize money.

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