“You’re trash, don’t ever put my name in your mouth again!”….Osimhen ‘warns anger’ at Kbaratzhelia ‘agent’, why? What’s going on?

The two were at their best in Serie A, Italy, and led Napoli to a Serie A championship for the first time in 33 years. Osimhen was the top scorer with 26 goals, and Kvaratshelia was the top helper with 10 assists. He was the key player in Napoli’s victory. Italy was in the midst of Osimhen and Kvaratshelia fever. 파친코

Despite rumors of a move by a big club ending last season, Osimhen and Kbaratzhelia have chosen to stay in Naples. However, rumors about their move have not stopped. Osimhen has recently become strongly connected with Chelsea in England. Along with being evaluated as the “second Didier Drogba,” the club has been highly anticipated by both Chelsea and Chelsea fans, who do not have an authentic striker. Kbaratzhelia has been attracting attention from Real Madrid and Manchester City.

However, he sent a ‘warning message’ expressing his anger to Osimhen’s agent Kvaratshelia. What happened? Kvaratshelia’s agent is Mamuka Jugeli. Jugeli is said to be doing a lot of interviews due to Kvaratshelia’s rising profile and rumors of a transfer. And Jugeli recently made the prospect of a transfer to Osimen. It was a shocking prospect. It was a bold enough speculation to offend Osimen. The bottom line was that Osimen was going to Saudi Arabia.

Eugélie said, “Osymen has successfully renewed his contract with Napoli. But do you really think Osimhen will retire from the club? Do you think he will play for Napoli for the rest of his life? I can say that Osimhen will go to Saudi Arabia this summer. He could earn a huge salary.”

Osimhen exploded upon hearing the comment. Osimhen clearly expressed his anger on social media. Osimhen warned, “Mamuka Yugeli, you are bitter and shameful. I am baffled by your sense of speculation. Don’t ever put my name in your mouth again!”

In fact, Osimhen received a large offer from Saudi Arabia. Osimhen also acknowledged this. However, Osimhen rejected it at once. He expressed his desire to take on more challenges in Naples.

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