Yoon Ina, KLPGA disciplinary reduction Available to participate from the domestic opening game of the 2024 season

Yoon Ina, who was attracting attention as the ‘next generation star’ of the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) but was disciplined for late reporting of incorrect ball play, will be able to participate in the domestic opening match of the 2024 season of the KLPGA Tour.The KLPGA held the first board meeting of 2024 at the association’s secretariat in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 8th and decided to reduce the three-year ban imposed on Yoon Na in 2022 to one year and six months.The KLPGA explained the reason for shortening the disciplinary period, saying, “We took into account the positions of sponsors, golf officials, fans, and all members, as well as the reduction of disciplinary action by the Korea Golf Association.”

In October of last year, the KLPGA Reward and Punishment Subcommittee reduced the disciplinary action considering that Yoon Na-na complied with the disciplinary decision, did about 50 hours of community service after the disciplinary action, and spent time seriously reflecting, including donating all of the prize money she received from the U.S. mini tour. It has been recommended to the KLPGA Board of Directors. In addition, Yoon Ina’s promise to give free golf lessons to youth players, contribute to the development of the association in the future, and do her best to set an example for other players and the general public were the reasons for the disciplinary reduction.Accordingly, Yoon Ina will be able to participate in the domestic opening match of the 2024 season KLPGA Tour, scheduled to be held in April.The two foreign competitions scheduled for March will be held before the expiration of her disciplinary period, so Yoon Na-na will not be able to play.

Yoon Ina received a three-year suspension from both the Korea Golf Association and the KLPGA for violating golf rules at the Korea Women’s Open held in June 2022.At that time, the tee shot on the 15th hole in the first round fell into the rough, and even though he found out later that the ball he found in the rough was not his, he continued to play.Yoon Ina, who missed the cut in this tournament, reported misball play to the Korea Golf Association in July, about a month after the tournament ended, and was followed by disciplinary action from the Korea Golf Association in August of that year and the KLPGA in September. Yoon Ina, who was a KLPGA rookie, forced to participate in the tournament before voluntarily reporting after playing the wrong ball, and quickly became a star player by winning her first win at the KLPGA Tour Ever Collagen Queen’s Crown in July 2022.

Before the disciplinary action came, he was ranked 2nd in KLPGA Tour Rookie of the Year points and 1st in driving distance, but due to a wrong decision at one point, he had to spend about a year and a half of self-reflection from the second half of 2022 to the 2023 season.The Korean Golf Association’s disciplinary action was reduced from 3 yars to 1 year and 6 months in September last year and expires on February 18 this year.In addition, thanks to the KLPGA’s disciplinary action reduction, Yoon Na will meet fans again from the domestic opening game of the 2024 season of the KLPGA Tour, scheduled for April.The KLPGA discussed whether to reduce Yoon Na’s disciplinary action at a board meeting in December last year, but was unable to reach a conclusion and postponed the decision to the board of directors in January of this year.Some are criticizing that reducing the disciplinary action against Ina Yoon is an action that undermines the sportsmanship unique to the 슬롯게이밍 sport of golf, while others are countering that ‘a 1 year and 6 month disciplinary action is not a light thing.’

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