Yongseon, Who Formed a Single Team 5 Years Ago

Asian Games Yongseon, Who Formed a Single Team 5 Years Ago… 10th Place for Men and 7th Place for Women in 200m

North Korea ranks 7th for men and 6th for women… Gold medals for both men and women go to China

The Korean dragon boat men’s and women’s national teams participated in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games 200m and ranked 10th and 7th, respectively.

The Yongseon men’s national team, led by coach Park Min-ho, recorded a time of 52.832 seconds and took 10th place in the 7th to 12th place 200m match held at the Wenzhou Dragon Boat Center in Zhejiang, China on the 4th.

The national team includes Hyunjun Shim (Dongguk University), Dongjin Shin (Seosan City Hall), Cheolmin Park (Incheon Metropolitan City Hall), Hwiju Kim (Chungbuk Provincial Office), Jaeyong Lee, Mingyu Hwang (Korea National Sport University), Hyunjin Ahn, Youngchae Kim, Jawook Koo, Youngbin Cho (Hwacheon County Office), and Hyun-soo Kim. , Oh Hae-seong, and Lee Je-hyung (Daegu Dong-gu Office) participated. 바카라사이트

The men’s national team, which ranked 9th out of 12 teams in the preliminaries with a time of 52.164 seconds, headed to the rankings match instead of the finals where 1st to 6th place competed.

In the rankings competition, North Korea was first with a time of 51.525 seconds.

The final ranking of the North Korean men’s national team is 7th.

The team that won the gold medal in the final was China (48.464 seconds).

Thailand (49.171 seconds) and Indonesia (49.404 seconds) followed.

The women’s national team, led by coach Ha Jae-heung, took first place (57.927 seconds) in the 200m rankings competition against Hong Kong and Macau, finishing in 7th place.

The women’s team includes Hyun-joo Lee, Tae-hee Cha (Korea National Sport University), Hyun-hee Kim (Daejeon Metropolitan Sports Council), Ji-won Jeong (Suseong High School), Soo-bin Jo (Andong Girls’ High School), Woo Joo-woo (Guri Girls’ High School), Hee Joo (Sokcho City Hall), Seong-hwa Lim, and Su-jin Tak (above).

Jeonnam Provincial Office), Ye-bom Yoon, Eun-jeong Byun (Guri City Hall), Yeo-jin Kim, Da-bin Kim, and Sol-hee Han (Ongjin County Office) participated.

Meanwhile, North Korea, which advanced to the finals of the women’s division where six teams competed, crossed the finish line in sixth place with a time of 56.367 seconds.

In the women’s 200m, first place was China (53.804 seconds).

Indonesia (54.464 seconds) and Thailand (55.200 seconds) shared the silver and bronze medals.

Dragon boating is a sport in which 12 players, including 10 paddlers, a coxswain, and a drummer, compete as a team.

It is a sport said to have originated in the Pearl River Delta area of Guangdong Province, China, and teams from Greater China and Southeast Asia are strong.

It was adopted as an official event at the Asian Games at the 2010 Guangzhou Games, and at the 2018 Games, a unified team from North and South Korea was formed and won gold in the women’s 500m and bronze medals in the women’s 200m and men’s 1,000m.

The Korean national team met North Korean players, who were teammates five years ago, as competitors this time.

Kim Jin-il, who served as the helmsman of the unified team when it won the men’s 1,000m bronze medal in 2018, appeared as the North Korean team’s drummer on this day.

North Korea’s women’s team’s Heo Soo-jung and Jeong Ye-sung also raced against South Korea’s Byun Eun-jung and Kim Hyun-hee.

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