When I went to Son Heung-min Sports Park, which is about to be completed with 17 billion units…”I’m looking forward to the second Son Heungmin’s birth!”

Son Heung-min Sports Park, where Son Heung-min, the first English Premier League scorer as an Asian player, and his family invested 17 billion won in funds, is on the verge of completion.

Son Heung-min Sports Park is located in Gamjeong-ri, Dong-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, and consists of a soccer field, two futsal fields, a foot volleyball field, a dome playground, a Son Heung-min museum, a dormitory, and a management office. The construction cost about 17 billion won for Son Heung-min’s family without any government and city budgets.

On the 26th, when the reporter visited in person, some of the finishing work in the stands was in full swing. Practice matches will be held from this weekend right away. Various eyes were noticeable throughout the stadium so that players could focus only on soccer. 바카라사이트넷

First of all, there was a lot of free space outside the line in the stadium. It is a careful consideration to prevent injuries to the players. In addition, the auxiliary stadium in the form of a dome was considered so that players could exercise in preparation for bad weather.

Son Heung-min Sports Park, which began construction in 2016, was initially aimed at completion in December 2017, but the project was carried out for five years through three changes. The city said it postponed the scheduled completion date due to changes in area and size due to changes in land records.

After the park opens, a project to foster young soccer players from all over the country will be promoted, and some facilities will be opened to citizens.

Son Heung-min Sports Park will officially open today as the “Son Heung-min International Youth Friendship Football Tournament” in Chuncheon from June 8 to 11. The friendly soccer tournament will be attended by more than 100 players from six teams, including coaches from six countries, including Korea, Colombia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia, and players under the age of 12.

They will arrive in Korea on June 7 and play until the 11th, starting with the opening ceremony on the 8th at Son Heung-min Sports Park, before leaving the country on the 12th. The match will be held in an 8-8 league match, and Chuncheon tours such as Legoland, Soyanggang Skywalk, and Animation Museum will also be held during the competition.

Son Heung-min, who was called up to the national team, is also paying keen attention to whether he will attend the opening ceremony. Although it is unclear to attend the opening ceremony due to the schedule of the Korean national soccer team’s friendly match in June, Chuncheon City officially asked the Korea Football Association to attend Son Heung-min’s tournament.

Chuncheon City will hold a welcoming ceremony at Chuncheon City Hall Square on the premise that Son Heung-min will attend the opening ceremony on the 9th. As the national soccer team’s June friendly matches are scheduled for the 2nd, 6th, and 14th, they are in a position to ask for understanding from the team and the association.

An official from Chuncheon City said, “As it is the first event under the name of Son Heung-min, a world-class soccer player, we believe that Son’s participation in the tournament is necessary, and we continue to ask the federation and others to allow Son to attend.”

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min scored multiple goals in the 38th round of the 2021-22 Premier League against Norwich City on the morning of the 23rd (Korea Standard Time) and played a leading role in Tottenham’s 5-0 victory.

Son Heung-min scored his 23rd goal in the league this season against Norwich City and became the Premier League’s top scorer. Son Heung-min and Salah scored 23 goals side by side in the Premier League this season, becoming the joint top scorer.

Son Heung-min, who scored 11 goals in 10 games at the end of this season, chased Salah, the leading scorer. Son Heung-min showed off his sense of goal until the end of the season by scoring multiple goals against Norwich City and eventually succeeded in becoming the first Asian player to score in the Premier League.

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