Hana OneQ’s Park Sohee’s determination: “I want to win more than before”

“I want to win more than before”

Park So-hee (178 cm, G) made her WKBL debut in July 2021. She traveled to the Park Shinja Cup as a member of the Korea Women’s National Under-18 Basketball Team and stood tall alongside professional seniors Lee Hae-ran (Yongin Samsung Life) and Byun So-jung (Incheon Shinhan Bank).

Park also attended the 2021-2022 WKBL Rookie Tryouts. 토토 She joined Bucheon Hana OneQ as the second overall pick. She played her debut season with high expectations. However, due to a stress fracture in her left knee, she was unable to play many games.

In the 2022-2023 season, he played with head coach Kim Do-wan. He played 26 games in the regular season with Kim’s trust. He scored 4.4 points and grabbed 1.9 rebounds in 14 minutes and 56 seconds per game. At the end of the 2022-2023 season, he was named Rookie of the Year for the first time in his career.

But the title of Rookie of the Year was quickly forgotten. He forgot about Rookie of the Year, too. To upgrade herself, she is sweating again.

“In Taebaek, I focused on physical training, and in the training camp in Japan, I strengthened my game sense. I’ve also been doing physical training and defense practice. Personally, I was not good at defense, so I am focusing more on defense. I’m also working on my moving shot and three-point shot,” she said.

Park gained valuable experience during the offseason. The W-League, Japan’s women’s professional basketball league, organized the W-League All-Star 2022-2023 in Ariake, and Park played against the Japanese W-League All-Stars as a WKBL Rising Star.

At the time, the W-League All-Stars had resources who also played for the Japan Women’s National Basketball Team, including Ramu Tokashiki, Mai Yamamoto, and Nanako Toda. Luxury members. As such, it seemed like there would be more to what Park felt.

“I thought the Japanese players were definitely faster. I learned a lot from (Park) Ji-hyun and (Lee) So-hee, who played on the same team. I learned a lot,” Park said, reflecting on the matchup with the W-League All-Stars.

“As I said before, I’m focusing on two things. First, defense. I think I was a defensive hole in previous seasons. I want to make sure I don’t fall behind on defense. Because of my height, I need to be more active in offensive rebounding, and I also need to improve my three-point shooting percentage.”

In addition, Park has only experienced the bottom of the professional ranks. She only won five games in the 2021-2022 season and six in the 2022-2023 season. More wins could be her goal.

“Both my debut and second seasons ended with fewer wins,” Park said. I have a venomous spirit this off-season. Also, (Kim) Jung is here, so I want to win more than before,” she said, setting her sights on more victories. In the professional world, there is no greater joy than winning.

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