Types of Bingo

The classic bingo is played with 75 numbered balls. The number of balls used affects the player’s chances of winning. The less the ball is used, the more likely it is to win. Bingo’s popularity has spurred the development of various derivatives. These do not differ in the number of balls used (30, 90, 80), but also in the length of the average game and winning pattern. In some cases, they change the rules or even flip them over with their heads while maintaining a core lottery style of gaming. Here’s a quick overview. 경마사이트

75-ball bingo
The classic version is widely popular around the world, including in the United States and Canada. Of the 25 fields on a 5×5 card, only 24 contain numbers. The square in the middle is empty. The 75 numbers are divided into 5 groups, 15 in one group for each letter of the word BINGO. Under each letter on the card, 5 out of 15 numbers appear.

30-ball bingo
By using 30 balls and 3×3 bingo cards, this variation allows for much faster gameplay.

90 ball bingo
The most popular variant in the UK uses a 3×5 card with 15 numbers. The rules are slightly different thanks to more winning combinations of two lines, four corners, and full house.

80 ball bingo
Played on a 4×4 card, this colorful 80-ball variant offers faster gameplay than British Bingo. It allows for different patterns, such as four corners, “square” (four numbers in the center), two-line and three-line combinations, and a four-line full house.

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