“Unpopular events are created?”‘…TV broadcast of “The Rich, the Rich, the Bitter, the Bitter.”

It is unfamiliar at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, but it attracted a lot of attention as a unique event was introduced. However, compared to the variety of games, broadcasting does not, which makes the cheering people lose their minds.

On the 4th, Woo Sang-hyuk (27, Yongin City Hall), the men’s high jump star, won a silver medal by running 2m33 and qualified for the event, meeting the higher standards for the 2024 Paris Olympics. The gold medal was Mutaz Basim (32, Qatar) with a time of 2 m35. However, during the broadcast at 8 p.m., the screen of the domestic broadcasting company was switched at a little less than 9 p.m.

This was to broadcast the men’s soccer semifinal between South Korea and Uzbekistan at 9 p.m. Athletics fans had to partially encounter or only hear the news without fully enjoying Woo Sang-hyuk’s performance.

Viewers expressed regret that they could not watch the broadcast, saying, “A medal is important in track and field, but records are also important, so how can you cut off the broadcast?” and “Unpopular events are made.” 안전놀이터

It is also common to not broadcast at all. “Bridge” drew people’s expectations at the news of an unfamiliar event and the oldest “73-year-old” player participating, but the game was not broadcast.

Sports fans were asking about the situation of the game in Hangzhou Asian Games “Open Talk by Sports” based on real-time chat service on portal site Naver, but no one answered. In addition, in the case of unpopular events, even the game schedule has not been updated.

The representative of the Korean bridge consisted of a total of 18 people, 9 women and 9 men, and each played as a men’s team, a women’s team, and a mixed team. However, only the first round of the women’s team preliminary round is marked on the game schedule on one site. Although the results of the game were belatedly released on other sites, the results had to be checked on overseas sites at the beginning of the Asian Games due to a late update.

There were some events that were not broadcast even if they went to the final. In the men’s team match of Go at the Hangzhou Asian Games, where Chinese powerhouse Ke Jie (26) also showed tears, the Korean team won the gold medal by reversing its expected artificial intelligence (AI) winning rate of less than 10%. However, Korean fans could not watch the game.

The Korean team, consisting of Shin Jin-seo (23), Park Jeong-hwan (30), Byeon Sang-il (26), Shin Min-joon (24), Kim Myung-hoon (26), and Lee Ji-hyun (31), beat the Chinese team 4-1 on the 3rd at the International Exchange Center of the Chinese Academy in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. In addition, he won a silver medal in the women’s team event and a bronze medal in the men’s individual event, but there was no broadcast by the three terrestrial broadcasters.

In addition, many events suffered from not being broadcast or even updating information regardless of medals. There were 40 events and 482 gold medals at stake in this competition, but only a few broadcast events were popular.

Every time an international competition is held, the hearts of the people are hot, but there is no right window to resolve it. The three terrestrial broadcasters and the general programming channel, which have broadcasting rights, have been overlapping popular sports such as soccer, baseball, swimming, and archery for several times.

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