South Korea’s archery will conclude the finale on the 7th through the individual finals and the third-place match.

In the women’s individual recurve event, Lee Si-hyun and Ansan fight for the gold and silver medals. In the women’s individual compound event, So Chae-won will try to win her first gold medal in this competition. Lee Woo-seok will compete for the bronze medal in the men’s 3rd to 4th place match. In the men’s 3rd to 4th place compound match, Joo Jae-hoon and Yang Jae-won will compete with each other for the bronze medal.

Unlike the Olympics, where only recurve was adopted as an official archery event, the Asian Games have also been held since the 2014 Incheon Games. 온라인카지노

Recurve refers to a bow that is shot only with muscle strength without help, and compound refers to a bow that is helped by a machine. Compounds are carried out by a player shooting a bow at a distance of 50m and recessed 70m, and the target diameter is also different, so the recessed is 122cm and the compound is 80cm. The 10-point zones are 12.2 cm and 8 cm, respectively. The Xsten (x10) zone, which means “perfect 10 points,” is 6.1cm and 4cm, respectively.

Compounds adopt a total score system, while Recurve has a set system. There are two points if you win the set, one point if you draw, and no points if you lose. Recurve team competitions up to four sets, and if the set score is tied, a shot-off is conducted to give one point to the team that hits close to the center of the target to determine the winner.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Eui-sun, who heads the Korea Archery Association, appeared at the stadium to encourage the players.

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