Tottenham, are you really thinking about throwing away the Hishali song…”Create a list of striker recruits”

The U.K.’s Telegraph reported on Thursday (Korea Standard Time) the news on the recruitment of a striker while predicting Tottenham’s move to the January transfer market. Tottenham’s biggest goal in the January transfer market is to recruit a center back. French national team center back Jean Clare Todivo and Italian Serie A rising star Radu Dragucine are being mentioned. 안전한 파워볼사이트

Tottenham hopes to recruit at least one more after recruiting a center back. Tottenham’s target position is a versatile striker and a midfielder who can take on the role of No. 8. The direction of the recruitment of the midfielder is expected to be determined by the future of Pierre-Emile Hoibierre, who is currently likely to be transferred.

Tottenham, which is aiming to be a striker, is known to have wanted a striker who can play various roles, but is also looking into recruiting a striker. “Tottenham is also working on a list of striker targets including Feyenoord’s Santiago Jimenez. However, unless we get a huge offer from the Saudi Arabian club for Hishalisson, we may have to wait until summer.”

Hishalisson moved from Everton to Tottenham ahead of the 2022-23 season. He had high expectations as he finished second for the club’s highest transfer fee ever, but he had been extremely sluggish until recently. After returning from pubic surgery, he scored four goals in three games, raising expectations for his skills to recover.

The club’s move to recruit a striker is expected to be determined by what Hishalisson will look like in the second half of this season. If Hishalisson is sluggish, chances are high that he will bring in a new striker after selling the player.

If Hishalisson succeeds in his revival, Tottenham is reportedly planning to fill Son Heung-min’s vacancy on loan in the winter transfer market. Jota, who had been coached by Postecoglou at Celtic, was mentioned as a strong candidate.

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