‘Tottenham has won 3 times in disgrace’

In the end, the butterfly effect against Chelsea, which lost a lot, continues to this day. Tottenham’s shaky defense is holding back the ranking fight. Tottenham lost 2-4 by allowing four runs in the 19th round of the 2023/24 Premier League against Brighton and Hove Albion at American Express Stadium in Brighton, England on the 29th.

On this day, Tottenham felt the absence of key defender Christian Romero as they lost two goals each in the first half and the second half. Son Heung-min struggled at the end of the second half, including his fifth assist of the season, but failed to overcome four runs.

Tottenham ended its winning streak with three straight wins by bowing down its away game in Brighton. It also failed to leap forward while maintaining its fifth place by maintaining 36 points (11 wins, three draws and five losses). Brighton, on the other hand, rose to eighth place by reaching 30 points (8 wins, six draws and five losses)

Son Heung-min scored his fifth assist of the season by assisting promising youngster Alejo Bellis in his debut goal for Tottenham in the 41st minute of the second half when he was being dragged 0-4. After posting two assists against Newcastle in the last 16th round, he helped in three games, and succeeded in scoring an offensive point for the second consecutive game following Everton’s. At the same time, he was tied for 10th in the Premier League’s help rankings.

However, it was regrettable that his team’s winning streak could not continue. Tottenham had three wins, one draw and two losses in six games played in December. They had three consecutive wins from the match against Newcastle United in round 16 to the match against Everton in round 18, but had one draw and two losses in the rest of the games. All of these opponents were ranked 10th or higher in the league. Newcastle is the only team that Tottenham won among the top 10 teams.

Tottenham got off to a great start in the 2023/24 season. Until the match against Crystal Palace in the 10th round, Tottenham was leading the league by itself with 10 undefeated matches (eight wins and two draws). With only one win and two or more goals scored in the previous matches, they seemed to have turned into aggressive soccer.

It was also against Chelsea in the 11th round that Tottenham, who was on a roll, was put on the brakes. In a home game against Chelsea on the 7th of last month, Tottenham suffered a huge power leak when Christian Romero was sent off directly, Mickey Panderpen suffered a hamstring injury, and James Maddison suffered an ankle injury. To make matters worse, they played in a huge number of 9-11 underdogs due to cumulative warnings until Udo-ki.

Despite massive power leaks, Tottenham didn’t give up attacking football and lost four goals after extremely raising the line, losing 1-4. Starting with this match, Tottenham had no win in five games until the 15th round match against West Ham.

Global soccer statistics company Opta said on its official social network service (SNS), “Since November, Tottenham has recorded the most runs (19 runs) in the league with Nottingham Forest, and the expected number of runs was 21.4 runs, the highest during the period.

An unstable defense situation can also be linked to the frequency of occurrence of cards. In the case of warnings, Tottenham ranks sixth with 49 in total this season and tied for first with Liverpool with a total of four dismissals. Yves Bissouma was sent off twice for the first time, and Romero and Destiny Udogi were also sent off once.

There was another factor of Tottenham’s anxiety. Tottenham allowed a total of five penalty kicks this season and lost points. This is the No. 1 overall record along with Fulham, Wolverhampton, Brighton and Everton. 토토사이트

Tottenham Hotspur F.C.’s Ange Postecoglou was tied for third with the most goals scored (39 goals), but lost 28 points, which is considered as a mid-range goal. The number of goals lost is the same as that of mid-range players including Crystal Palace and Brentford. They lost more points than Manchester United, Everton, Newcastle (with 25 goals) and Aston Villa (with 21 goals).

“It is no exaggeration to say that we looked exhausted. I understand,” Postecoglou said in an interview after the match. “This team put everything into it. We are trying to play the soccer that we demand, and the players are doing well every week,” he said. “He looks physically weak.

During the press conference that followed, Postecoglou said, “We looked tired and lacked sharpness. We can understand because we ran so fast for a while,” adding, “We lost our enthusiasm and Brighton showed good performance. I won’t make excuses, but that doesn’t undermine our players’ efforts. They gave everything. Even though they weren’t physically sharp, they were doing their best and tried their best to the end of the game.”

However, Tottenham’s future problem is that its major resources, including Son Heung-min, Yves Bissouma, and Pape Matar Sarr, will be sidelined in major tournaments in January. Son will participate in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation Qatar Asian Cup, and Bissouma and Sarr will participate in the CAF African Cup of Nations. How to fill their one-month hiatus has emerged as a major task. At the same time, another task is to reinforce the center back that Romero and Panderpen are both missing.

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