Mohegan Strengthens Corporate Executives

Mohegan, a world-renowned entertainment and game brand, is excited to announce the addition of Joffre Wells to the Executive Team as the Vice President of Capital Markets, Investor Relations, and Corporate Treasurer. Kelly Leung and Kelly Sullivan, who spent more than a decade with Mohegan, have also been promoted to the Mohegan Leadership Team.

“We are thrilled to have Joffrey Wells join our team, especially as his leadership and financial expertise are a perfect fit for our organization as he continues to grow as the CEO of an integrated entertainment resort,” said Ray Pineault, President and CEO of Mohegan. “Kelly Sullivan and Kelly Leung are also model team members for Mohegan, and each promotion is well deserved. Our leadership at Mohegan is stronger than ever as we face new challenges and head into 2024, when we will further evolve our brand.” 파친코

As vice president of capital markets, investor relations, and corporate finance, Joffre will leverage his expertise in fixed income, interest rate management, and foreign exchange hedging to help him adjust Mohegan’s capital plans while further strengthening investor and banking relations. Joffre can also leverage his knowledge to support strategic projects such as accounting, financial planning and analysis, and team development.

Before joining Mohegan, Joffre was a global macro trader at Brandywine Global in Philadelphia, PA. Early in his career, he also served as Global Rates Trader – Vice President at BlackRock in New York. In addition to his bachelor’s degree in finance from Temple University, Joffre holds a master’s degree in management information systems and a master’s degree in finance from Drexel University.

Kelly Leung, who currently holds a high role for Mohegan as senior vice president of international marketing, has long been an important part of Asia’s marketing efforts at Mohegan Sun, Connecticut’s main real estate. As vice president of international marketing, Kelly Leung will continue to participate in Mohegan Sun’s major marketing initiatives while expanding her responsibilities and expertise with Mohegan’s international portfolio, which includes the Falls View Casino Resort in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and now the Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort in Incheon, Korea. Kelly has more than 27 years of experience in the entertainment and gaming industry, and began her career as an executive host at Foxwood before serving as executive director at Caesars and Hara’s Real Estate Las Vegas. Kelly began her career at Mohegan Sun in 2006 as Vice President of Player Development for Asia Marketing.

Kelly Leung was born and raised in Hong Kong and prides herself on helping her guests create memorable experiences.

Kelly Sullivan has also been a member of the Mohegan family since 2013, helping to implement programs that support key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensure the alignment of the programs delivered in line with the strategic business goals of all Mohegan entities. Kelly was hired by Mohegan in 2016 and held the position of Director of Global Human Resources and Development. In this position, Kelly gained valuable experience honing her corporate human resources skills and overseeing large-scale business strategies and operational plans in relevant sectors, both domestically and internationally. Kelly was promoted to Director of Global People Operations at Mohegan in 2019, where she was responsible for Mohegan’s international mission to lead the development and implementation of Mohegan Inspire’s comprehensive human resources strategy while living in Korea.

Kelly Sullivan is Vice President of People Operations, where she will oversee and lead Mohegan’s recruitment, recruitment, onboarding, contracts, performance management, and other high-level internal business operations. Corporate People Operations is a new division name formerly known as Corporate Human Resources of Mohegan.

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