‘There’s a goalkeeper in his own net?’ Hamburg GK records worst own goal ever

Sports Bible, a sports media outlet, reported on the 2nd (Korea time), “Hamburg scored the worst own goal ever in the derby against Jean-Kt Pauli.”

Hamburg had a 2-2 draw against Jeanckt Pauli in the 15th round of the Bundesliga’s second division at Milerntoir Stadion in Hamburg, Germany on the 2nd (Korea time).

Hamburg, which plays build-up football shown by top-ranked teams these days, tried to solve the game from the back against Jeanckt Pauli, the top-ranked team in the Bundesliga’s second division. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

The Fernandes goalkeeper opened the move with a pass to centre-back Stefan Ambrosius, who sprayed a head-to-head pass to team-mate Guillerme Ramos.

A defender gave the goalkeeper a back pass, and Fernandes tried to clear the line to prevent a corner kick. However, the ball bounced around the moment Fernandes kicked and was completely out of control, and he made a ridiculous mistake and cut himself into the net.

Djankt Pauli already had a one-goal lead when striker Jackson Irvine scored in the 15th minute. And Fernandez’s shocking mistake in the 27th minute gave him the advantage. Hamburg fought back, however, scoring Robert Glatzel equalized 13 minutes into the second half, and Manuel Perray equalized two minutes later to split a point in the derby.

Fans enjoyed the goal and left comments. One fan wrote, “Hamburg’s own goal in the Jankt Pauli Derby is a great scene. It is one of the best own goals ever.”

Other fans commented, “Hamburg scored an amazing own goal in the derby against Jean-Cette Pauli,” and “Hamburg just allowed the worst own goal ever.”

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