The 19-year-old “Dodgers’ Man” had a different idea

It was a surprise selection. Following the honor of being the first high school student in the history of the Asian Games national team, he won a gold medal. Literally, a bright future has opened up.

Jang Hyun-suk (Los Angeles Dodgers) has lived a solid life so far. During his time at Yongma High School, he showed off his brilliant skills at the national competition and attracted attention as the No. 1 rookie draft pick.

He chose to go to the U.S. instead of the domestic stage and confirmed his joining the LA Dodgers. On top of that, he won the Asian Games gold medal and decided to challenge the major leagues without worrying about military service.

There was a concern of injury before joining the national team. However, medical tests and practice matches proved that there was no problem. In the Asian Games, he pitched in two games, allowing one run and one hold in two innings with a 4.50 ERA. In the match against Hong Kong in the group stage, he pitched one scoreless inning with one walk and two strikeouts. In the Super Round match against China, he allowed a timely hit with two outs and a runner on second base, recording two hits, one run and 1K in one inning.

As a talent that the Dodgers paid attention to, the fastball was also brilliant on the Asian Games stage. He showed off his overwhelming speed of 158km.

Jang Hyun-seok, who I met at Hangzhou Airport before returning home, said, “I feel so good and happy. Personally, I am satisfied with the performance,” he said with a bright smile. He gave himself 80 points. “The life of the national team, the world of international competitions, and the professional world was completely different from what I thought. From warming up to weight training, each one was different. There are so many things I learned and felt. I thought about what I would do in the United States in the future,” he added.

Moon Dong-ju was the senior who took care of Jang Hyun-suk most actively in the national team. From the perspective of the four players born in 2003 (Moon Dong-ju, Choi Ji-min, Park Young-hyun, Yoon Dong-hee), who were convinced of the youngest life of the national team, the youngest came in. “It was really perfect,” Jang Hyun-seok said of Moon Dong-ju’s pitching in the final against Taiwan.

“There were a lot of congratulatory calls from friends, coaches, and teachers. Still, I think the moment the gold medal was confirmed rather than the congratulations I received later, I will remember the most that I was happy with my brothers and told each other that they did a good job, he said. “My parents also contacted me for my hard work and good work.”

On the afternoon of the 29th, the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team, led by head coach Liu Joong-il, trained at the Baseball Sports and Culture Center in Xiaoxing, Hangzhou, China. Jang Hyun-suk, who is training. 스포츠토토

It is a situation where he is trying to play on the big league stage without worrying about military problems. However, Jang Hyun-seok smiled awkwardly, saying, “I don’t think winning a gold medal will make you feel particularly rich.”

“My professional career is just beginning. I want to work harder and go on the big league stage as soon as possible. In fact, I didn’t worry much about the military, and I didn’t prepare hard for this tournament because of military service. It was an honor to be selected for the national team, and it is even more honor to win a gold medal. I played for the country, but I didn’t care about that. I want to do well in WBC (World Baseball Classic) and Premier 12 in the future.”

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