Thanks to Son Heung-min’s performance

Son played 88 minutes of the match and failed to score offensive points. He fought hard in both offense and defense with four shots, one opportunity creation, three dribbles, three recoveries of possession of the ball, and seven successful ball competitions. It was regrettable that he failed to score a goal due to Turner’s good defense in the early part of the game, and it was not easy for his opponent to put more weight on Son’s defense.

Most statistical media did not give high marks to Son’s performance. The statistics media Footmob gave Son a rating of seven, a far cry from his best player, Klosevski’s 8.6, and the fourth-lowest rating after Johnson, who was replaced earlier, Bisouma, and Udogi, who was given a warning. Sopascore also gave Son a rating of 7.3, ranking sixth in the team behind Klosevski, Davis, Romero, Pororo, and Hishalisson. 메이저 토토사이트

The evaluation of the British media was not much different. England’s Football London evaluated Tottenham players after the match against Nottingham, and the highest-rated player was Klusevski, who scored one goal and one assist. Football London ‘created an early opportunity with a clever pass to Son Heung-min, and moved back to the right after Johnson’s departure. He delivered the ball to Hishalisson with a nice cross in the first half of extra time, and scored a goal. Turner had no choice but to push it into his goal. He fought brilliantly at the front line of the team.’ Football London gave Son six points after Bissouma and Johnson, saying, ‘He was blocked by Turner right after the start of the game. I tried hard, but I barely touched the ball from the left.’

England’s Evening Standard also gave Son six points. The sent-off non-horse was the lowest with five points, followed by Johnson and Son. Evening Standard said, “He fired from both sides in the first half, but was blocked by a good defense. Nottingham handled Son roughly.” England’s 90min also gave Son six points, expressing both regret and efforts, saying, “He wasted several good opportunities but worked hard for the cause.”

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