Surprised Japan “I can’t believe you used the same number as Lee Jung-hoo and Ichiro”

Lee Jung-hoo held a press conference at Oracle Park in San Francisco on the 16th (Korea time) to join the San Francisco Giants. Lee Jung-hoo, who attended the press conference with his parents, successfully entered the Major League by signing a six-year mega contract worth a total of 113 million dollars with San Francisco.

Lee’s future has constantly attracted a lot of attention from the Japanese media. Lee has displayed good performances in international competitions, including the WBC, Asian Games and Premier 12, but one of the factors is that he is the son of Korean legend Lee Jong-beom who played for the Chunichi Dragons. Notably, Lee was born while Lee was playing in the Japanese league and was born in Nagoya. 스포츠토토

“The 25-year-old player, who signed a six-year, $113 million contract, is also popular with female fans because he is a handsome guy,” the Sponichianex said on Wednesday. “He made the press laugh when he asked, “Handsome?” while wearing a uniform and a hat.” “Lee Jung-hoo is a great hitter called Ichiro of Korea,” he added.

Lee also uses the uniform number 51 used by Kiwoom in San Francisco. When asked at a joining press conference what was the meaning of the uniform number 51, Lee explained, “When I first started playing baseball, I saw Suzuki Ichiro. That’s why I kept playing with his uniform number.” Japanese media also noted that Lee admires Ichiro, the legendary hero of Japanese baseball. Nikkan Sports said, “Lee chose Ichiro’s uniform number 51, which he has been working with since he was young.”

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