“Street Cast” visual Jang Jin Hyuk…Hanwha is reborn as a secret weapon!

On the 16th, when Hanwha players were training on the ground, there was a player who was 184cm tall and greeted here and there with neat hair. Jang Jin-hyuk was even offered a street casting offer when he was 20.

Jang Jin-hyuk played 113 games in 2019 as a main outfielder. He enlisted as a social service worker on September 10, 2020, was discharged from the military on the 9th, and is building his body in the second division of the Seosan Hanwha Eagles.

On the 16th, he visited the stadium for the first time to greet manager Subero and his players. After watching Jang Jin-hyuk, manager Subero, who was coaching defensive training at first base, said, “Physical is good. He’s very handsome. “I heard the news from the second-tier camp,” he said happily. 카지노사이트

Jang Jin-hyuk, who was greeting from place to place in the stadium, greeted Kim In-hwan and Noh Soo-kwang, who are training batting, and played a light prank.

Jang Jin-hyuk wore a Hanwha uniform in 2016 after graduating from Gwangju Hwajeong Elementary School, Chongjang Middle School, Gwangju Jeil High School, and Dankook University. He made his first debut in the first division in 2018 and posted a batting average of 0.241 in 50 games. Jang Jin-hyuk was an infielder when he was an amateur, but after joining Hanwha, he transferred to the outfield.

Since 2019, he has played in 113 games as a full-fledged outfielder with a batting average of 0.254, one home run, 24 RBIs, 42 points, and 13 steals.

Choi Won-ho, head coach of Hanwha’s second division, evaluated Jang Jin-hyuk as a competitive player if he finds a sense of play.

Jang Jin-hyuk said, “While working as a social service worker, I built up my body by continuously doing weight training after work,” adding, “I want to raise my sense of play as soon as possible and stand on the first team stage that I’ve been waiting for.”

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