Huanghe Bridge collapses in less than a year after $30 billion repair.

A guardrail on a bridge in China that was renovated at an estimated cost of 30 billion won has collapsed just six months after opening, sparking controversy over shoddy construction.

According to local media outlet Xinhua, the stone guardrail on the Yellow River Bridge, which spans the Yellow River and connects Wubu and Liu Lin counties in Shaanxi province, recently broke.

China spent an estimated 32.1 billion won to renovate the bridge in 2019, including installing new guardrails, and it opened in January this year, but the 200-meter-long guardrail broke just six months after opening.

“The quality of the stone used for the guardrail appears to be suspect,” Xinhua reported, adding that “the guardrail in question poses a significant risk not only to pedestrians but also to traveling vehicles.”

The local authorities explained that “it collapsed during the strong winds of the past four days,” but social media users found this explanation unconvincing, 먹튀검증 saying that “it could not have happened without the authorities’ acquiescence.”

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