Badminton’s Kim Ga-eun is bombarded with ‘cursions’…”I was edited by the devil”

According to IDEILI, Kim Ga-eun blocked the comment function on her personal SNS on the 5th. This is because netizens, believed to be Chinese, flocked and cursed in various languages. Most of the contents include “disrespectful,” “unqualified,” “disgusting,” “no sportsmanship,” and “should be cursed.”

Kim Ga-eun, who won the championship by defeating China 2-0 in the women’s team badminton final at Binjiang Gymnasium in Hangzhou, China on the 1st, greatly contributed to the 3-0 complete victory of the game score.

In the first match, Ahn Se-young (Samsung Life Insurance), the world’s No. 1 player in the women’s singles, beat her difficult opponent Chen Yu-pei 2-0. In the second doubles match, the world’s second-ranked Lee So-hee (Incheon International Airport) and Baek Ha-na (MG Saemaul Geumgo) beat first-ranked Chen Qingcheon and Jaipan 2-0.

In the last singles, Kim Ga-eun, ranked 18th in the world, made an unusual decision to break down the 5th-ranked Heo Bing-jiao 2-0 to secure the victory. 온라인경마

However, after the game, a video spread on Weibo, a Chinese SNS, that Kim Ga-eun mocked Heo Bing-jiao’s expression, who was defeated and disappointed. The video has accumulated more than 100 million views, and the voice of criticism against Kim Ga-eun has grown louder.

The video in question features coaches Heo Bing-jiao, Kim Ga-eun, and Sung Ji-hyun. Behind Heo Bingzhao, who swallows regret and looks at the sky, Kim Ga-eun and Coach Sung smile and look at the sky. It seems as if coach Kim Ga-eun and Sung are following Heo Bing-jiao ridiculously when they see his expression.

However, this video is not true. It is a combination of videos from different time zones. If you look at the actual game broadcast video, there is a big time difference between the moment when Heo Bing-zhao is sorry and the moment when coach Kim Ga-eun and Sung share their joy.

Immediately after the gold medal was confirmed, Kim Ga-eun embraced the Korean players and shared the joy of victory. This is the moment when Heo Bing-Zhao’s expression of regret was caught in the video, and at that moment, Heo Bing-Zhao turned back and looked at the sky and swallowed his regret.

However, Chinese netizens cleverly edited these two scenes and manipulated that coaches Kim Ga-eun and Sung Ji-hyun mocked Heo Bing-jiao.

An official from the association told No Cut News, “Kim Ga-eun didn’t even see what He Bing Zhao looked like and what he did at the time,” adding, “I’m worried that the Chinese crowd will boo greatly at Kim Ga-eun’s game.”

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