SOFTSWISS migrates 1M tiers in 5 years

In the third quarter of 2023, SOFTSWISS, an award-winning iGaming software provider, successfully converted its main operator, with over a million players, into its platform. This extensive project involved moving players to the Softwis Sportsbook as well as the Softwis Casino platform.

After careful preparation, the platform transition was completed smoothly in five hours. This success can be attributed to the proven methodology of the SoftSwiss team, which considers technical, business and user perspectives. 경마사이트

the technical aspect
The challenge for the migration process is to transfer large amounts of data. In recent years, the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform team professionally migrated approximately 100 terabytes of information without loss, ensuring integrity and security. Strict testing at every step allowed us to transform our businesses with minimal downtime.

SOFTSWISS Vitali Matsukevich COO
“Another technical challenge we were dealing with was a high customer load. When we start a new project, traffic gradually comes to the casino, but during the migration, a large number of players access the site at the same time. Interest in the new service increases, which may be higher than the previous average casino load. The quality of readiness also drove the launch smoothly.”

Player Support Side
From a player’s point of view, the main goal of the migration is to improve the gaming experience. The SoftSwiss team performed well at every step of the way, from maintaining the same password in the first few days after the transition to bolstering player support.

Vitaliy Matsukevich added:
“In addition to their regular duties, support professionals carefully collected feedback from players. This was necessary to create a list of improvements that would be implemented in a short time.”

Business aspects
During the migration process, various business problems arise. One such problem is the efficient delivery of content, which is an important task for software providers and operators. Since it greatly affects traffic generation, the main goal is to migrate all pages without affecting Google search rankings.

The SoftSwiss Casino Platform Content Management System (CMS) facilitated the movement of thousands of pages. The team skillfully maintained its existing search engine optimization strategy, ensuring a seamless transition to a new platform without losing traffic.

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